Doctor Drug-dealer’s Punishment? ‘Go Home and be a Good Boy’


Dr Douglas Watford

Dr Douglas E. Watford

In Greenville North Carolina federal court Doctor Douglas Elry Watford was found guilty of selling narcotics for fun and profit in his little town of Kinston. So the judge spanked him on his adult diaper and sent him home for actions that were apparently not all that serious. Of course had he been a street drug pusher instead of an MD, he would have been spanked a little harder.

Wacky Watford, age 60, was sentenced to 24 months probation after admitting that, well, now that you’ve caught me, I guess I really was routinely  illegally distributing hydrocodone and Xanax. Who told?

Wadford, a family medicine specialist who owned the Watford Family Medicine Center in Kinston, was caught as the result of an undercover sting last year by the State Bureau of Investigations. He was handcuffed on April 15, 2015 and taken to jail on 6 charges of illegal distribution of highly addictive drugs, categorized as Schedule II and Schedule IV controlled substances.

dr drug dealers artThe North Carolina State Medical Board had already scolded the drug-dealer doc in March 2015, and ordered him to undergo remedial instruction. Like most other state medical boards, North Carolina’s figured punishing a drug dealer by making him go sit in a classroom was appropriate discipline. Eventually they went way out on a limb and revoked his medical license.

You can bet they were loathe to punish the wayward doctor at all, because – and you might need to grab your guppies here – state medical boards are top-heavy with . . . . doctors.

And some people actually wonder why we feel the need to continually  embarrass criminal physicians.

Somebody has to.

Here’s another look at this lab coat loon:







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