Child-custody Doctor Posts Lewd Photos: Medical Board Says “No Problem”

The California State Medical Board has found “insufficient evidence” to bring disciplinary action against Doctor Joseph Kenan, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and child-custody evaluator who posted lewd photos of himself on Facebook and apparently condones illicit drug use.

Dr Joseph Keegan

The guy looks pretty normal with his clothes on . . .

Kenan, age 46 at the time, is past president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry. He had been involved as an expert witness in hundreds of child-custody cases, when the social media postings surfaced under the names of “Joe Keegan”.

The posts included images of Kenan baring his buttocks to a camera in a public place and looking down the pants of a young man, as well as a picture of a woman snorting a long line of cocaine.

Dr Joseph keegan 2

Would you pay this doctor thousands of dollars to represent YOU in court?

Kenan said in court records that the photos were never meant for public viewing. His attorney, Joel Douglas, called them “prank, joke photos” that did not reflect fairly on Kenan’s work.

“Everybody is entitled to their private life, and the medical board, to its credit, was able to get away from the hue and cry and look at it objectively,” he said Friday.

Disgustingly – but not really much of a surprise – the California State Medical Board wrote this in summation of the case:

“A complete investigation was performed, including a subject interview. We then retained an expert witness to review the case, which resulted in a conclusive finding that there was no evidence of professional misconduct by the doctor.”

Kenan is a member of a group of experts, highly influential but loosely regulated. They advise family courts in contested custody cases. Such experts often earn hefty fees, tens of thousands of dollars in some cases, for evaluating parental fitness.

Here’s more on this character:



One thought on “Child-custody Doctor Posts Lewd Photos: Medical Board Says “No Problem”

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Oh thank you thank you thank you. You have NO idea how I will be using this to the State Medical Board, Va. Dept. of Health, legislators, etc. who do NOT “protect the public”. I will find some other venues on which to get people shown this is how doctors act and cover up for each other because that is EXACTLY what this is.

    California just said NO to giving doctors’ on probation requirements to notify their patients.

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