Butt Injection Scam ‘Doctor’ Headed to Prison

Man pleads guilty to deadly mix of silicone, glue and fraud in butt injections case


Some fools are poster children for the term ‘butt-heads’


A particularly freaky fellow named Vinnie Taylor stumbled upon a pretty curious way to make a living: he would inject his own concoction of silicone buttock goo in to the rear-ends of people in hotel rooms in Maryland, Virginia, Missouri and elsewhere – charging his mentally-challenged customers $1,000 for an initial visit and $800 for repeat business.

Taylor would meet his clients inside hotel rooms throughout the East Coast – equipped with gallons of silicone, super glue and cotton balls, according to federal prosecutors. He told some of the women who came to him seeking fuller figures, according to court documents, that he knew what he was doing was illegal, but assured them that they would be safe – and even more important than safe – by golly his were the cheapest butt shots around.

It’s like how “marijuana is illegal, but everyone does it,” Taylor reportedly told one of his customers, according to court testimony.

Taylor actually got away with it for 7 years, and did more than 3,000 sessions. But then one of his less-than-intelligent lady customers had to go and die on him, and damn it! The Taylor tushy train all came to a screeching halt.

Taylor, age 44, was not a doctor and had never had a medical license. But that didn’t stop him from purchasing a whopping 150 gallons of silicone for his business. And due to his penchant for marketing, his scam brought in $1,500,000 in revenue, federal prosecutors said.

After injecting the silicone using long needles, Taylor would use super glue and cotton balls to prevent the silicone from leaking. He would wrap the women’s buttocks in plastic wrap and sent them home.

Taylor injected food-grade silicone – designed for processing and packaging – into the women seeing him, but told them it was medical-grade silicone. He told one woman that “silicone is not harmful if it is injected into you”.

In the case in Maryland at a hotel room in March 2014, the woman began having problems breathing after she left. She was taken to a local hospital, where she died. The medical examiner determined the woman’s cause of death to be “acute and chronic respiratory failure due to a foreign substance”.

Taylor told other women afterwards that yes, he had administered injections to her, but claimed, “her death was not his fault. He was ‘just trying to fix her’.

Taylor, of Wilmington, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges for administering the illegal injections last month. He’ll likely serve 12 years in prison. The good news is he’ll be off the streets for a while. The other news is that he’ll only be 56 when he gets released. The spooky news is . . . well, he’ll be looking for a job.



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