Doctor Alexis Touchton-Williams Case: Supporters Say Verdict is a Travesty of Justice

Let’s take a moment for a brief look at the ‘how & why’ the case of Doctor Alexis Touchton-Williams ended up being reported on the Medical Miscreants website:

Dr Alexis Touchton-Williams 3

Dr Williams: Supporters say jury did not hear much of what is known about the case

On Friday, February 6 of 2015 – 15 months ago – Medical Miscreants received a notice from an informant in Florida, that a woman had just shot her former husband in Gainesville. The informant told us the reason he was notifying us was because the woman was a doctor and she was arrested for Attempted Murder.

We published nothing. We are not a headline news generator.

As a matter of policy on this website, we do not publish stories unless and until we have at least 3 solid reporting sources verifying what are believed to be clear facts of the case. And in fact, we rarely discuss any case that is pending.  Because the facts were murky at best, we chose not to publish anything regarding this doctor, until far more was known.

In September, 2015 – 8 months after we first learned of the incidentwe received a request from a concerned citizen, who simply asked that we publish her thoughts in an open letter to our readers. We believed the letter was well-written and brought up a subject which has been a major concern of ours for years: How is it that thousands of physicians can be charged with serious crimes, and still be allowed by state medical boards to treat patients, before it has been determined they are not a danger to society?

And THAT is an excellent observation.

So any reader of intelligence can see the letter – and our publishing of it – had very little to do with the doctor in question at all. It focuses instead on the repeated – and to our mind, dangerous – position taken by state medical boards:

“How can it be possible that an individual can return to the privilege of treating the most vulnerable members of our society, and yet the body governing the physician’s licensure, neither alerts nor informs the public, that this provider has been accused of being involved in a violent crime?

The secretive and protracted nature of the Department of Health review process is slanted toward protecting a physician’s image.”

Once Ms. Touchton-Williams was convicted, we reported the conviction. Our report included no critical commentary. In fact, we called the case ‘regrettable’.

This case has generated a significant response from the doctor’s supporters, many of which are every bit as thoughtful and incisive as the original open letter. Here are but a few, and they too, deserve to be published:

Gia said this: “Trust me, this man is scary. This is a case of self defense, with much more serious circumstances.”

“Let’s wait until we hear clearly both sides of the story before we prosecute her. Who knows what he had been doing to her physically and mentally? He could end up being the aggressor and she was really defending herself from his abuse. Don’t judge too quickly.”

M said this: “Life is not simple. Unfortunately there is corruption in the system all around us and law enforcement is not so careful when the husband has close professional and personal ties to those within the law enforcement community. The truth gets covered up and the story teller does just that, tell more stories. Gia is correct.”

And finally, Ralph Roland said this: “If you followed the trial, you had to see that the real victim here was Doctor Williams. There was a cover up by the police and the child protective services. I was at the trial and it came out that child protective services never investigated the many reports they received from 3rd parties. Alexis also made a report to child services. The jury never heard these details. Why did child protective services fail to investigate these child abuse reports? Some of the reports to child protection services were made prior to the shooting. The sources of these reports came from reliable sources. Could it be the Federal Prosecutor accused of child abuse had ties to the police and child protection services? He did work closely with both. Can you say, “Conflict of Interest, corruption, and huge red flag?”

Let us hope that the lady doctor is well-represented, and that – as you folks underscore – there are numerous grounds for successful appeal – if she is indeed not guilty.



9 thoughts on “Doctor Alexis Touchton-Williams Case: Supporters Say Verdict is a Travesty of Justice

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Didn’t know or remember how to get in touch with you: Thought you might want to see that.

    PS Since this isn’t on this story, you can erase the comment later. I just thought like … holy crap … and there is another story that the medical board did nothing about on that page. A link is there to one any way.


  2. So pleased to see some of the public reacting with leads and observations on these issues. We all need to know how “justice” works or doesn’t work. You have opened doors! Thank you! Good job!

  3. Ralph Roland says:

    No justice in this case. Just prejudice because she was a doctor. You can’t assume gilt because you think some doctors get away with murder. She has lost everything because she is like most of us (No power) Crazy – This could be your loved one. What would you do if your child was at risk & the vary agency that should be there for you turned a blind eye. I blame the State of Florida. Wish I had the $ and the power to get all of the document from these agencies. The common person can not get these records because some are protected, & not subject to the sunshine law. Don’t be so harsh on the young woman. Feel shame for our counties broken system. If this ever happens to one of your family members, you should see my point. I pray the truth comes out during the appeals process.

    • Ralph Roland says:

      I may have misunderstood the purpose of this site. I agree people have the right to know she was arrested and charged. I had some negative bias before the trial, but I now know she should have been cleared. Hope this does not happen to any of your loved ones. I plan to help in the fight, but it will take more than my means and knowledge. Pray for us.

      • Ralph –

        The purpose of this site is simple: our sole reason for existing is to educate a seriously unenlightened citizenry, when it comes to the dark side of healthcare’s highest medical practitioner behavior. Lord knows the American public has been spoon-fed medicine’s achievements and pseudo-accomplishments ad nauseam. We find it absolutely appalling how an otherwise “educated” public fall to their knees and bow and pray at the Church of Modern Medicine, while rationalizing that it kills 400-600 people each day, almost always unexamined and unpunished.

        There are precious few places people can go to learn the full range of physician deportment. And when a doctor shoots somebody with a handgun and is found guilty – that is not something that needs to be hidden.

        No one here is being unfair to this doctor.

        In the end, this site has just under 10,000 regular readers. If we were in your position, we would be pleased to have this platform on which to put out the points you believe are important.

      • Lind says:

        I know Alexis Touchton-Williams since she was a child and I know deep in my heart that Alexis is innocent of this crime and that she was doing what every mother would do for their child, Protect them from danger. Law enforcement officers are getting away with crimes because judges do not want to prosecute a fellow member of the law. This case should have gone before a judge that had no ties to the local community but that did not happen. An innocent woman, a mother and a Psychiatrist working to help innocent children has been unjustly accused and all we can do is pray that she can survive while locked up with Real Criminals. Alexis needs your support and prayers and financial assistance for another trial. Please help Alexis and pray every day that no one in your family has to live through a nightmare such as this.

  4. Gia says:

    Please go to

  5. First time I have heard from any supporters. Interesting stuff!

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