Muslim MD Abandons Family and Patients; Joins Islamic Terrorists

 “Praise be to God for this terrorist act. God kill off their enemies, military and civilian, men and women, adult and children.” (Doctor Issam Abuanza) 

Question of the Day: How many Muslim physicians in the West are Islamic terrorist sympathizers?


Dr Issam Abuanza

An alarming story breaking in England this morning is that a National Health Service  doctor, who lived with his family in Sheffield, suddenly abandoned his wife and children to join Islamic terrorists in Syria.

Doctor Issam Abuanza – a Palestinian by birth – worked as a medical staff member at Scarborough Hospital before walking out on his family and job 18 months ago.


A spokesman for the York Teaching Hospital Trust – which operates Scarborough Hospital – has told reporters that a physician by the name of Issam Abuanza had been employed there before suddenly leaving. He said Abuanza would have gone through the standard background assessments before he was hired. He had no suspicious history.

Abuanza, age 37, attended medical school in Baghdad, Iraq in the years 2000-2003, and was issued a medical license in England in 2009. His family says there are totally stunned that he was able to hide he has been a  terrorist sympathizer without them knowing.

His wife has refused to discuss the case at all. His sister Najla, however, told a BBC News reporter this:

“We have no idea how he became like this or who showed him the path to terror. My dad spent all his money on his education and look! This is what he does.”

His family professes embarrassment and shame that their doctor posted “God bless this act of terrorism” on his Facebook page when the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened in Paris in January, 2015. The attacks at the headquarters of the satirical magazine killed 12 magazine staff members murdered by two Islamists shouting “Allahu akbar”.

In other posts, Abuanza has pronounced that America is “Godless”. On another social media site he said he wished that a Jordanian pilot, burnt alive by ISIS savages, had taken longer to die.

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3 thoughts on “Muslim MD Abandons Family and Patients; Joins Islamic Terrorists

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Actually that’s probably not surprising that his family is upset. He really left them holding the bag, open to all sorts of retaliation, no money support or anything. His wife and family went from top dogs to the dogs. Then it exposed them to all the Brits around them who are probably furious too.
    Considering how many Muslim families work and how women are taught, its so sad I can believe this is the truth. Horrible – and people placed their trust in this guy!

  2. little aisha says:

    He is going there to be a martyr and get his 72 virgins. His religion gives you a license to kill. However, that religion does not distinguish murderer from martyr. Isa will straighten him out.

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