Fugitive Doctor on the Run in Idaho

In Coeur d’Alene Idaho, U.S. government law enforcement agents report they are actively searching for a fugitive physician tonight. They say after his guilty verdict was announced yesterday on more than 60 charges of narcotic trafficking, he disappeared. A felony warrant was issued immediately for his arrest.

Dr Rafael Beier

Dr Rafael Beier

Doctor Rafael Beier had been illegally writing and selling bogus prescriptions for at least 5 years at the time of his arrest, according to a Northern Idaho FBI announcement.

 Investigators who interviewed local pharmacies discovered that they had been filling prescriptions signed by Beier, for years, with the names of patients who testified later they had never been treated by Beier and were not his patients. Detectives discovered local drug users and dealers were using names of friends and family members to create fake medical files.

Court records show that the wayward doctor was meeting so-called “patients” at some rather curious locations, like parking lots and a local topless nightclub called Stateline Show Girls. There he would take cash for prescriptions for fake medical problems, and sometimes exchange prescriptions for favors of the dancers. Such a deal.

Stateline Showgirls Banner

Stateline Show Girls pic

Some MDs have class. Some are an embarrassment to their profession


The drug-dealing physician could get life in prison.

The FBI asks that if you happen to see him, contact their fugitive Tip line at 208-665-4455.


3 thoughts on “Fugitive Doctor on the Run in Idaho

  1. “Should” get life in prison!!!!!!!!

  2. Vic Nicholls says:

    Thank you for yet another reason to keep pushing the legislators I have, and others, to fix their problems. Throw out tort reform, FOIA the state boards, criminal penalties for admin when they know of problems and fluff them off. Good doctors are going to get kudos from me and spending my time and efforts to help them so that they are not tarred and feathered by being associated with the bad ones. They work hard: its time they got the desserts of being human beings with hearts and ethics.

  3. Thank you both! Please keep up the fight! I am doing my best to share the message.

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