Doctor ‘Uber-Brat’ Fired by Florida Hospital

Dr Anjali Ramkissoon

It takes most doctors a few more years before they start believing they’re God

A Florida neurology doctor-in-training, whose profanity-laced rant at an Uber driver became a world-wide internet screed for decency, has been shoved out the back door of her hospital, three months after the incident was recorded on video.

According to Jackson Health System in Miami, fourth-year medical resident Anjali Ramkissoon, has been terminated.

The video, shot in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood and posted on YouTube  January 19, shows the evidently drunken, short-shorts-clad doctor ordering an Uber driver to ignore his customer and take her home instead.

On the video Ramkissoon can be seen slapping the Uber driver in the face and screaming profanities at him. In his defense, the driver shoves the out-of-control MD to the ground, after which she is seen kicking him in the groin, climbing into the front seat of his vehicle, then ordering the young man to “get the f— in the car!”

After commandeering the car, the lab coat lunatic inanely starts tossing the driver’s belongings out onto the street, including his log papers; breaking his iPhone on the pavement, and yelling that the police won’t believe his story about her physical attack  because she is “only five feet tall”.

Jackson Health System

Jackson Health is to be commended. If  more hospitals squelched outsized, bullies-on-the-playground physician egos, we would all see considerably less garbage-level behavior. Don’t hold your breath.

When Miami police arrived,  Ramkissoon, age 30, began begging them not to arrest her, for fear she could lose her medical license. Unfortunately, the driver refused to press charges, and the wayward doctor was detained but was not arrested.

A spokeswoman for Jackson Health System states that any terminated employee has the right to appeal.

Which means the bratty physician will be rehired and put on “probation”.

You heard it here first. Stay tuned.



14 thoughts on “Doctor ‘Uber-Brat’ Fired by Florida Hospital

  1. xenonman says:

    There were no other available Ueber drivers in Miami?

  2. xenonman says:

    Isn’t there enough evidence on this video to prosecute the wretch even without the driver pressing charges?

  3. xenonman says:

    She speaks American English unusually well for a South Asian!

  4. Vic Nicholls says:

    So we patients finally got a reprieve from having a doctor who would definitely be a problem out? Thank you Lord.

  5. Karo Navarro says:

    Good, she’s obviously an unsafe person who has a double standard for how she treats people. The driver should’ve pressed battery charges. If it wouldn’t have been filmed, she probably would’ve done that to him!

  6. Karo Navarro says:

    Looking more at the video, she should’ve arrested her anyway.

  7. Ron says:

    We have enough a-holes in medicine as it is. We don’t need to import them.

  8. xenonman says:

    Actually, we should be DEPORTING them. Let our oversupply of parasitical South Asian doctors, like this vile brat in South Florida go back and offer their services to the residents of the open sewers of Karachi and Mumbai!

    • Vic Nicholls says:

      Wow. Maybe could we stick to just getting the problem/bad ones out of medicine and leaving the good ones? I agree this lady has issues but there are good and bad in all groups.

      • “. . . there are good and bad in all groups.”

        Of course there are. But I defy you to find one other profession that kills more people, commits more crime or steals more money. In any given year since 1985, 2,400 doctors are found responsible for felony-level, garbage behavior. Name ONE other profession that generates anywhere near those numbers.

        We’ve spent decades doing our homework. Now you do yours.

      • Vic Nicholls says:

        How do you know I haven’t? I’ve been blocked from groups because I stand up for patients’ rights. I’ve gone before legislative bodies in the last year for patients rights. I’m currently being censored on kevinmd for telling the truth. I’ve gotten retaliation for reporting a Sentara surgeon and have them on an audio tape talking about things in my records that weren’t true. I’ve been followed by that doctor, gang stalked by his patients.

        He was the worst one. He’s American.

        I have 1 150 page document that details reasons why these HCP’s should not be trusted and another 30+ pages starting on the next one. It includes the admin who don’t lead and allow them to look the other way and keep on causing problems. Would you like to see them before making that assumption you did?

        I totally agree with outing doctors in every way, shape and form in a way that stops the problem but not violence, etc. The problem that I have with the original statement is it was going after ethnic groups vs. going after doctors as a whole. I’ve had some better FMG’s than American docs just luck of the draw. A doctor is going to be bad or good no matter what their background is.

        I know some doctors with non American names that were born here in America. Trained here. They do pick up accents from their parents.

        So my question is why her background is brought into this? If we didn’t have FMG’s, what are you going to do for medical care? There are not enough Americans going into nursing or medicine for PCP type stuff, so how do you propose we fix that problem? America was made up of people from all walks of life. Can we stick to going after her for being the narcisisstic brat?

      • “So my question is why her background is brought into this?”

        You seem to continue to see things that don’t exist. So I ask you again: Where exactly in our article did we mention ANYTHING about this mental midget’s background?

  9. Vic Nicholls says:

    My first response was to the OP, the second combined those. Do you normally respond this way? I have a lot of people on harmed groups that would appreciate the exposing you do, but they would want to know the atmosphere.

    Hooman Noorchasm is a big fighter for patients’ rights after what happened to his wife Amy Reed.

  10. little aisha says:

    I am guessing many 4th year meds have money to buy a car.

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