April Fool! Immigrant Doc Off to Prison for Child-Patient Sex Games

(We are indebted to “Doctor Watchdog” for advising us on the developments in this case)


Dr Rakesh K Punn: We import evil every single day, all in the name of “inclusion”



“This sexual predator intentionally targeted the children of Indian immigrants. He lured these children to his home office, under the guise of false diagnoses so that parents weren’t present, and used drugs to incapacitate the victims. He would then sexually assault and photograph them.” (Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas)


A New York physician was sent to state prison for 3 decades, on April 1st. Why? Well, this particular stethoscope freak was sexually assaulting young girls in his ‘home clinic’, and Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas was finally able to prove it.

It took her a while because, well after all . . . the man was a physician. We have to tiptoe around our gods.

Doctor Rakesh Punn is no god. He is – was – a child healthcare specialist from India, confessing in September 2014, that he had drugged and sexually assaulted as many as 5 girls. He was found guilty of felony Sexual Abuse and 2 charges of illegally selling narcotic prescriptions.

He also admitted to separate federal sex abuse charges in April 2015.

Punn, age 58, who used to live in the city of Bethpage before they locked the daffy doctor in an iron cage, was ordered to forfeit $2.2 million dollars and be registered as a sex offender for life.

The case was nearly 6 years in the making. This fool was actually arrested in July, 2010 on multiple charges that included drugging, sexually assaulting, and filming, female patients – the youngest of whom was 11 years old.

The trial record shows that in 2007, the pediatrician videotaped girls in his home office, during what he described as medical exams. The doctor would tell the girls to remove their clothes and lie down on the examination table. He would blindfold them; give the girls sedatives to render them unconscious. He would videotape his manipulating their genitals.

Sometimes, just for fun, the deranged MD would have the girls stand and bare their breasts in various positions while being filmed. He ordered them to sign “contracts” that falsely indicated they were at least 18 years old and that the sex acts were “consensual”.

When police searched his home and office, they found a fake international driver’s license and bottles of chloral hydrate, which renders victims unconscious.

Here’s another look at evil with a visa:

LI Pediatrician Gets 30 Years For Abusing, Videotaping Children


Our Observations:

There is a reason that in the hallowed halls of healthcare, bad doctors who emigrate here are referred to as “Third World Assassins”. It’s because their presence – and their daily penchant for wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting American public – is so well-known to medical folks, it is almost laughable. The entire matter of foreign-born physician crime is a stupidly “untouchable” subject – in eyes of the media; the AMA; or the government. You see, these people have mastered the concept of ignoring reality.

And patient injury and patient death are of considerably less import than being “tolerant”.

How utterly stupid of us as a society, to assume anyone who comes here is decent, and should be undressing people behind closed doors with no supervision at all.

UN -effing – believable.



One thought on “April Fool! Immigrant Doc Off to Prison for Child-Patient Sex Games

  1. xenonman says:

    Will this doctor-pig be deported back to India after he gets out of prison? He deserves to be. Let him care for the poor in his own country. (Of course he’ll have to do without that guaranteed six- or seven-figure income)

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