Doctor ‘Uber-Brat’ Fired by Florida Hospital

Dr Anjali Ramkissoon

It takes most doctors a few more years before they start believing they’re God

A Florida neurology doctor-in-training, whose profanity-laced rant at an Uber driver became a world-wide internet screed for decency, has been shoved out the back door of her hospital, three months after the incident was recorded on video.

According to Jackson Health System in Miami, fourth-year medical resident Anjali Ramkissoon, has been terminated.

The video, shot in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood and posted on YouTube  January 19, shows the evidently drunken, short-shorts-clad doctor ordering an Uber driver to ignore his customer and take her home instead.

On the video Ramkissoon can be seen slapping the Uber driver in the face and screaming profanities at him. In his defense, the driver shoves the out-of-control MD to the ground, after which she is seen kicking him in the groin, climbing into the front seat of his vehicle, then ordering the young man to “get the f— in the car!”

After commandeering the car, the lab coat lunatic inanely starts tossing the driver’s belongings out onto the street, including his log papers; breaking his iPhone on the pavement, and yelling that the police won’t believe his story about her physical attack  because she is “only five feet tall”.

Jackson Health System

Jackson Health is to be commended. If  more hospitals squelched outsized, bullies-on-the-playground physician egos, we would all see considerably less garbage-level behavior. Don’t hold your breath.

When Miami police arrived,  Ramkissoon, age 30, began begging them not to arrest her, for fear she could lose her medical license. Unfortunately, the driver refused to press charges, and the wayward doctor was detained but was not arrested.

A spokeswoman for Jackson Health System states that any terminated employee has the right to appeal.

Which means the bratty physician will be rehired and put on “probation”.

You heard it here first. Stay tuned.



I Had a Friend Once . . .

. . . and she was an American hero. Her name was Elaine Hackett. Her first name was “Beverly” but she was “Elaine” to everybody who knew her.


Elaine Hackett, RN

In the years before I met her she had attended Long Beach City College and earned her Emergency Medical Technician certification. And for Elaine, that’s where it all started.

She was married to a terrific cop named Michael Hackett, an Imperial Valley Sheriff deputy. So when Mike was assigned as the resident deputy to a small town called Salton City, located on the south shore of the Salton Sea, Elaine joined the Salton Community Services Fire-Rescue Department as a Firefighter/EMT.

By the time I met her, Elaine had been promoted to Fire Chief. I did not know at the time that Elaine Hackett was the first full-time lady Fire Chief in the United States. Coincidentally, when I was hired and assigned as the Salton City resident medic, I was the only Paramedic in the Salton Sea area. I was issued badge #13. So Elaine and I, and a handful of dedicated, volunteer EMTs . . . well, we responded to a ton of 911 calls day and night, with almost no help whatsoever: boaters in trouble; CPR in progress; lost campers; house fires; and on the desert’s infamous Highway 86 – some of the most horrific traffic crashes in this nation’s history.

She was a wonderful, and funny, partner. She was tiny and lithe and always willing to learn. She was quick to laugh at her own mistakes, which come to think of it, were few. We were a very, very  small team of rescuers, working an almost impossible-to-cover, desert expanse. We drove rescue trucks and ambulances and experienced tragedy after tragedy, together.

Sad to say after only 2 years, California State legislature passed the famous Proposition 13 tax law, which absolutely decimated small fire service districts – which Salton Community certainly was. Prop 13 – identical to my badge number – did this by outlawing the ability of these fire and rescue district agencies to continue to use tax money to fund services. Suddenly, we had no money to operate. So Salton City lost its lady fire chief, and lost its resident paramedic.

But I have always kept my Salton Community Rescue District badge #13. And it means more to me today than it did then.

Elaine was a talented lady, and was hired almost immediately as a 911 dispatcher for the El Centro Police Department. While working there, she attended Imperial Valley College 2-year nursing program, and graduated among the top of her class as a Registered Nurse. She was then hired by Pioneers Memorial Hospital, in the desert city of Brawley, and gravitated into emergency nursing – which certainly was predictable. It wasn’t long before Elaine was recruited by the nursing department of the college to join the nursing instructor team. At IVC Elaine taught numerous classes including medical terminology, blood draws and clinical nursing. When the college began its own Paramedic training program, Elaine was a natural to become a Paramedic trainer as part of their Phase 2 hospital intern rotations.

It is a fact that many of the Paramedics working across Imperial Valley today were Elaine’s interns at Pioneers Memorial Hospital, as are many of the nurses in desert hospitals.

When Assistant Sheriff Mike Hackett retired from Imperial County Sheriff Department, they moved to Oceanside. But Elaine would commute the 120 miles to the desert and continue training paramedics, and watch them graduate with pride.

While emergency medicine was her passion, she took up art in the last 10 years, and joined with a circle of artist friends. She did very well, and won awards for her paintings of people and animals – especially horses. Her art has been on display in multiple venues in North San Diego County.

She and her husband Mike Hackett were together 41 years. They were quiet American heroes. They served their communities with dignity.

Salton Sea Memories

Salton Sea California

I had a friend once. Her name was Elaine. And now all of those cheerful energies for learning and teaching and helping others, have come to rest at San Diego’s Miramar National Cemetery. And of all the regrettable realities in the often wicked world of EMS, one of them is surely this:

There are just not enough Elaine Hacketts in the world.


Kentucky Drug-dealing MD & Wife Finally Nailed

“The devastation of patients’ lives to facilitate the Chaney’s’ lavish lifestyle caused great harm to the people of southeastern Kentucky. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and its law enforcement partners will stay committed to the dismantlement of significant drug trafficking organizations in Perry County and the rest of Kentucky.” (Howard S. Marshall, Special Agent in Charge, Louisville Division, FBI.


Dr James Ace Chaney and wife Lesa

Dr James “Ace” Chaney and wife Lesa

A federal jury in Kentucky has convicted a physician, his wife and their clinic, of Healthcare Fraud, Drug Dealing, and Money Laundering, as the result of their multi-million-dollar drug dealing business, masquerading as a legitimate clinic. The prosecution was able to prove the couple illegally prescribed stunning volumes of prescription pills to people with no medical need.

Doctor James “Ace” Chaney, age 51, was found guilty of Drug Trafficking Conspiracy; 60 charges of Illegal Narcotic Distribution; 2 charges of operating an illegal drug enterprise; Money Laundering Conspiracy; 20 charges of Money Laundering; Healthcare Fraud Conspiracy and 80 charges of Healthcare Fraud.

The wacko doctor’s wife, Lesa Chaney, age 50, who functioned as the CEO of the sham medical office called Ace Clinique of Medicine, was convicted on most of the same charges.


In the good, ol’ USA thousands of drug-pushing scamsters hide in plain sight

The clinic itself, as a corporation, was found guilty of at least 180 counts of identical charges.

The jury reported their verdict after a 7-week trial.

The court record shows that Doctor James and Lesa Chaney owned and operated Ace Clinique of Medicine in Hazard Kentucky between 2006-2014. Investigators were able to prove that the criminal physician would routinely pre-sign prescriptions for narcotics, which were later issued by clinic staff while he was not present in the clinic, and often on vacation. The prosecution also determined that Chaney provided narcotic prescriptions to people he knew were turning around and selling the drugs to addicts.

drug fraud

American physician oversight has all the hallmarks of a vaudevillian train wreck

Chaney required his “patients” to provide regular urine screens to test for illegal narcotics. Whenever the results revealed people were not taking the prescribed pills, or were taking illegal narcotics, the doctor directed his staff to fake the test results to falsely indicate an appropriate result. These fake test results were then submitted to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers for payment. From 2009-2011, the clinic billed Medicare for more urine tests than any other provider in Kentucky.

The couple would routinely bill insurance for office visits that falsely indicated complete physical exams had occurred. This daffy duo billed Medicare $9,500,000 and billed Medicaid more than $6,000,000 during the period of the conspiracy. The money was used to buy a private airplane; multiple houses; 12 luxury cars and trucks; 8 motorcycles and lavish vacations.

“The defendants in this case combined a massive illegal drug distribution scheme with a massive healthcare fraud scheme. The resulting criminal enterprise harmed countless Kentuckians, and sent the fraudulent bill to the American taxpayer. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this victory in the effort to rid eastern Kentucky of this sort of criminal conduct, which has caused so much damage to our communities. Our trial team and our law enforcement partners at the FBI and the Kentucky State Police performed admirably in bringing these defendants to justice and they deserve our thanks.” (Kerry B. Harvey, U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Kentucky)

U.S. Attorney Harvey, Special Agent in Charge Marshall and Richard Sanders, Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police, jointly announced the verdict.

The investigation was conducted by the FBI and the Kentucky State Police. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Roger West and Andrew Sparks prosecuted this case on behalf of the federal government.

The Chaneys are scheduled for sentencing on August 25, 2016. The most serious offenses carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Here’s another look:



‘Sex Party Surgeon’ Gets Slap on the Bare Butt; No Jail Time

“Doctor Scott, he was very friendly with us. It was a swingers lifestyle party, which means people, couples had intercourse with each other.  (Undercover officer Cynthia Hurtado)

Dr Andrew Scott Martin

Dr Andrew Scott Martin: your pleasure is only a drawstring away . . . .

“These situations are always appalling for the court to hear. I have zero sympathy for the battle that this doctor has been through, related to being charged with these crimes. He should have understood the law from the beginning, and he should have conducted himself as a doctor who has taken oath to do no harm. I find the circumstances here beyond troubling.” (District Judge Kathleen Delaney)

Doctor Andrew Scott Martin, who hosted drug-laced sex parties in various locations around Las Vegas for years,  has just finished his first year of court-ordered probation.

Martin ended his trial by apologizing to District Judge Kathleen Delaney, admitting that the trial and publicity had been an “embarrassment” to his family as well as his medical reputation.

Dr Andrew Scott Martin Sex Party

Jennifer Martin

Martin, now age  48, is an orthopedic surgeon, and had already confessed last March to 3 charges of narcotic possession – all felonies. Of course that came after he had initially insisted he was not guilty of anything.

“I am very sorry that the actions I have taken brought me here today,” Martin said. “I take full responsibility for the decisions I made. I will never put myself, my family or my profession at risk again.”

Martin, a resident of Henderson,  was originally charged with 10 separate drug charges, including 3 counts of trafficking controlled substances. According to the Clark County District Attorney, he could have received a sentence of years in prison, in connection with the sex parties infiltrated by police. But the District Attorney agreed to a rare deal, in which the frisky physician would not be charged for throwing the illegal sex parties.

According to the D.A. the plea deal was accepted because Martin had voluntarily entered substance abuse counseling before he was arrested.


“Eyes Wide Shut” orgy scene

The surgeon, who sex party attendees liked to call “Doctor Scotty,” was arrested last year with his wife, Jennifer, age 36, and 6 other people with connections to the kinky orgies. Investigators report that the Martins routinely hosted sex parties with movie themes – such as the Tom Cruise “Eyes Wide Shut” freak show – often involving as many as 100 couples, tossing back pills and drinks,  snorting cocaine and getting naked.

Horny Goat Weed

We suspect the doc was pushing the wrong drugs


The surgeon’€™s wife also pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge and paid a $1,000 fine. Two co-organizers – Jaymie Lenz and Jovan Sanita Smith – who were indicted along with the doctor, did the same.

The surgeon had his medical license suspended briefly, but is now back on the job. He was put on ‘probation’ also by the Nevada Medical Board, according to numerous news reports.

Here’s another look at this horny toad’s case:

Harvard-Educated Millionaire and Wife Arrested for Having Wild, Drug-Fueled Sex Parties


April Fool! Immigrant Doc Off to Prison for Child-Patient Sex Games

(We are indebted to “Doctor Watchdog” for advising us on the developments in this case)


Dr Rakesh K Punn: We import evil every single day, all in the name of “inclusion”



“This sexual predator intentionally targeted the children of Indian immigrants. He lured these children to his home office, under the guise of false diagnoses so that parents weren’t present, and used drugs to incapacitate the victims. He would then sexually assault and photograph them.” (Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas)


A New York physician was sent to state prison for 3 decades, on April 1st. Why? Well, this particular stethoscope freak was sexually assaulting young girls in his ‘home clinic’, and Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas was finally able to prove it.

It took her a while because, well after all . . . the man was a physician. We have to tiptoe around our gods.

Doctor Rakesh Punn is no god. He is – was – a child healthcare specialist from India, confessing in September 2014, that he had drugged and sexually assaulted as many as 5 girls. He was found guilty of felony Sexual Abuse and 2 charges of illegally selling narcotic prescriptions.

He also admitted to separate federal sex abuse charges in April 2015.

Punn, age 58, who used to live in the city of Bethpage before they locked the daffy doctor in an iron cage, was ordered to forfeit $2.2 million dollars and be registered as a sex offender for life.

The case was nearly 6 years in the making. This fool was actually arrested in July, 2010 on multiple charges that included drugging, sexually assaulting, and filming, female patients – the youngest of whom was 11 years old.

The trial record shows that in 2007, the pediatrician videotaped girls in his home office, during what he described as medical exams. The doctor would tell the girls to remove their clothes and lie down on the examination table. He would blindfold them; give the girls sedatives to render them unconscious. He would videotape his manipulating their genitals.

Sometimes, just for fun, the deranged MD would have the girls stand and bare their breasts in various positions while being filmed. He ordered them to sign “contracts” that falsely indicated they were at least 18 years old and that the sex acts were “consensual”.

When police searched his home and office, they found a fake international driver’s license and bottles of chloral hydrate, which renders victims unconscious.

Here’s another look at evil with a visa:

LI Pediatrician Gets 30 Years For Abusing, Videotaping Children


Our Observations:

There is a reason that in the hallowed halls of healthcare, bad doctors who emigrate here are referred to as “Third World Assassins”. It’s because their presence – and their daily penchant for wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting American public – is so well-known to medical folks, it is almost laughable. The entire matter of foreign-born physician crime is a stupidly “untouchable” subject – in eyes of the media; the AMA; or the government. You see, these people have mastered the concept of ignoring reality.

And patient injury and patient death are of considerably less import than being “tolerant”.

How utterly stupid of us as a society, to assume anyone who comes here is decent, and should be undressing people behind closed doors with no supervision at all.

UN -effing – believable.


Copy of ‘America’s Dumbest Doctors’ sold for $146

Docs arrested group pic

2,400 doctors found guilty each year . . . year after year after year . . . year after year after . . .

And to think we’re gleeful when our books sell for the normal price. Thank you, Bookimmers! What’s your sales secret?


Do not let the title fool you. The value of this book lies not only in its hilarious incidents (which are abundant), but in the truly bizarre antics, by WAY too many healthcare practitioners (the sheer numbers are astonishing). The author invited medical professionals nationwide to speak their minds on quirky physician behavior, and yikes! did they ever. The result is an eye-opening view of doctors which is just shocking.


Each chapter takes a different viewpoint, and in between are hundreds of news headlines, which advance the book’s scary premise: No other profession spawns more ludicrous conduct:

  • The highly-educated MD who tried to seduce a topless dancer with the severed hand of a cadaver
  • The famous diet doctor who spanked his nurse’s bare bottom with a riding crop when she ate something fattening
  •  And on and on . . . .

“America’s Dumbest Doctors” is really a rollercoaster ride, so fasten your seatbelts! I had the pleasure of interviewing the author on my radio show.

Jacqueline Marcell-Jacqueline Marcell, Author ‘Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents’, International Speaker on Eldercare & Alzheimer’s