Today is National Doctors Day? So How About No Doctor Crime for, You Know, Just One Day?

Not a chance. Zip. Nada. Not even a niggling of a possibility of a single day with no monstrously criminal physician misbehavior. Here are just 2 of the 10 physicians found guilty of felony-level behavior, before this day is over:

Troy Doctors Confess to Stealing $33,000,000 in Medicare Fraud Case

Dr Waseem Alam

Dr Waseem Alam

The last 5 healthcare fraud criminals have confessed their roles in a massive $33 million Medicare fraud scheme that involved 16 defendants in Metro Detroit, the Justice Department reports today.

The defendants were among 243 criminals in 6 states, in a $712,000,000 fraud scam that federal officials have called the “largest national Medicare fraud takedown in history.”

Muhammad Tariq, age 60, of West Bloomfield Township, an owner of home health and hospice companies in Metro Detroit, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud, in Detroit Federal Court in Detroit.



Dr Hatem Ataya

Dr Hatem Ataya

Earlier this month, U.S. District Court Judge Sean F. Cox accepted pleas on the same charges from four other defendants — Shahid Tahir, 45, and Manawar Javed, 40, both of Bloomfield Township; and two physicians, Doctor Waseem Alam, 60, of Troy, and Doctor Hatem Ataya, 47, of Flushing.


All 5 are scheduled to be sentenced in July.

Here’s more:–305886341.html



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