Another Day; Another California Doctor Sent to Jail


Dr Thomas Lin

Dr Thomas Lin

In the city of Monterey Park a physician was sent off to county jail on Friday for 2 years. It seems he thought it was a wise career move to prescribe powerful diet pills for no medical purpose. He was also convicted of insurance fraud, according to a statement by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.


Doctor Thomas Lin, age 46, had already pleaded “no contest” last December to 2 felony charges.

“Lin provided diet pills known as phentermine, a controlled substance, through his pediatrics clinic known as ‘Kid’s M.D.’ on Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park,” according to the L.A.D.A. statement.

The wayward MD also fraudulently billed MediCal and other insurers for services never rendered, prosecutors said.

“Over the course of several months in 2012, investigators from California Medical Board investigators posed as patients and were able to buy phentermine from the doctors with no physical examination by Doctor Lin,” according to the district attorney’s office statement. “Investigators received the drug either by paying his front office staff or receiving the drug for free.”

After serving two years in custody, Lin will remain on mandatory supervision for another two years, officials said.

Lin was initially named in a 55-count indictment. If convicted on all original charges, he could have gotten 34 years in state prison.

Of course as a physician drug-pusher – as opposed to a common street pusher – the doctor gets 24 months punishment, instead of 34 years.

America. What a country.




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