Doctor Named ‘Heiney’ Gets His Butt into Trouble

Dr Jake Paul Heiney

Dr Jake Paul Heiney

A well-known orthopedic surgeon in Ohio found himself in handcuffs and headed to jail last month, after the Lucas County Common Pleas Court determined that some of his examination techniques were, well . . . a little off-kilter.

Doctor Jake Paul Heiney, age 41 and a resident of Lambertville, was found guilty of two felony charges of Gross Sexual Imposition. He was also convicted on another charge of falsifying medical records. The prosecution was able to prove that Heiney groped two female patients’ breasts and pulling down one of the women’s pants during an exam. Judge Gene Zmuda revoked his bail after the verdicts were read.

“It is our duty to seek justice and protect the public’s safety,” said Lindsay Navarre, Lucas County Assistant Prosecutor. “By convicting Jake Heiney and ensuring he will never practice medicine again, we have accomplished both of those goals.”

After four days of testimony, the jury of 6 men and 6 women deliberated 4 hours before returning the verdicts. Heiney showed no emotion, though his wife and other family members cried as he was led out of the courtroom.

Dr Jake Heiney

Dr. Heiney; a poster child for nominative determinism


Both victims, as well as three former patients of Heiney’s from Michigan, took the witness stand during his trial.

One 42-year-old patient described a sexual assault on February 12, 2015, when she saw Heiney for shoulder pain. She testified the wayward MD  pulled down her bra and squeezed her breasts.

Another patient, age 33, visited Heiney last March 12 for knee pain. She told the court she also received a totally inappropriate breast exam and, later, with no explanation, Heiney pulled down her pants and underwear and poked her behind and upper thigh, and brushing his fingers over her private area. Both victims testified no one else was in the exam0 room with Heiney when the assaults happened.

While prosecutor Navarre told the court that Heiney committed the offenses for his own sexual gratification, defense attorneys tried to convince the jury that Heiney used accepted medical procedures but lacked a proper bedside manner, when he failed to let his patients know what he was going to do to try to diagnose the cause of their pain.

Heiney was sentenced to a whopping 6 months in jail.

In a separate case, Heiney is facing still another, similar trial in Monroe County Circuit Court, on 4 additional charges of criminal sexual assault, for incidents involving two other adult female patients at his Lambertville office.

Here’s another look at this particular medical muttonhead:




3 thoughts on “Doctor Named ‘Heiney’ Gets His Butt into Trouble

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Wow, six whole months! At least his license has been revoked.

    And what about this thing that a disturbing number of pediatricians have for child pornography?



  2. Sarah Smithy says:

    Would be great if there were a twitter button on your individual posts.

  3. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Meanwhile, in New York state:

    The word “scumbag” does not even come close to describing this creep!

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