Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? She Certainly Did, Ollie

In Western Australia a physician who clobbered her freaky doctor-husband over the head with a 5-pound mallet should be out of jail early enough to enjoy the summer.

A Supreme Court jury found Doctor Chamari Liyanage guilty of the charge of Manslaughter, in the death of her husband, Doctor Dinendra Athukorala in their Geraldton home in June, 2014. They found she repeatedly bashed him with the heavy mallet after he told her he wanted to have sex with a 17-year-old girl – a family friend.

Liyanage was sentenced to four years jail and will be eligible for parole after serving two years. Because of time already served, she could be released from Greenough Regional Prison in June.

Chamari Liyanage has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Liyanage, who broke down continuously throughout the trial, did not react when the verdict was handed down but started sobbing a few minutes later.

Justice Stephen Hall agreed that Liyanage’s husband was a manipulative and merciless abuser who humiliated and degraded his wife for years. But her response was excessive and disproportionate. “This was not a justified killing, you went too far,” he said.

The jury heard the hysterical “000” call – Liyanage made to police, on the first day of the trial. They later watched a recording of her 3-day police interview.

The jury also saw the child sexual exploitation material found on computer equipment in the Sri Lankan couple’s home.

Liyanage was questioned over a number of days during the final week of the trial. She told the court her husband routinely downloaded pornography, including bestiality, and even forced her to appear on live sex webcam sites.

Liyanage filled a notebook with tales of abuse, well  before her husband’s death.

Before her husband’s death, Liyanage filled a blue notebook with tales of abuse and descriptions of what she had gone through from the moment she met Doctor Athukorala.

So the United States does not have the market on freaky physicians. But the question no one wants to ask, is why do we any at all?

Here’s more on this jaw-dropping murder case:





3 thoughts on “Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? She Certainly Did, Ollie

  1. Ron says:

    Here in Ga. we have our own ‘Doctor Death’, a man who willingly prescribed narcotics to virtually anyone who asked for them. At least 7 people died as a result. He, too, was Asian.
    Don’t we have enough dirt bags of our own without importing them?

    • Ron –

      Evidently we don’t have enough, at least to those who could flex the muscle to stop the scourge.

      And what’s truly galling is the fact that even after they commit Rape, Murder and more – we never, EVER deport them.

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Karen weber says:

    Don’t know how to post here, but check this story, doctor from India (allegedly) rapes patient in office and flees to India – New Mexico – http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s4058230.shtml#.Vs-JKFJHbCT

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