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Federal Jury Nails Another Crook-MD in Medicare Fraud Scam: So What Else is New?


Dike Ajiri

Dike Ajiri; Dr Banio Koroma

In Chicago, a physician was found guilty on federal fraud charges earlier this week, specifically, for  falsely documenting that patients were ‘home-bound’ when they were not, in order to defraud Medicare of home-health related service charges.

After a four-day trial in federal court in Chicago, the jury convicted Doctor Banio Koroma, on two counts of Healthcare Fraud and two counts of Lying in health care matters.  Koroma, age 66, who lives in Tinley Park, was employed by a company called Mobile Doctors, which hired physicians to perform in-home visits for patients in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Evidence at trial proved that Koroma would routinely ‘certify’ patients as confined to their homes when they were not actually home-bound and did not require the skilled-nursing services that he ordered.  Patients testified during the trial that they were fully able to leave home and visit their own doctors, but Koroma would document them as confined to their homes.  Koroma’s medical record falsifications cost Medicare $45,000 for a single patient.

The investigation was carried out by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, which consists of agents from the FBI;  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Justice Department’s Fraud Section.

The investigation already resulted in the conviction of Dike Ajiri, Mobile Doctor’s chief executive officer.  Ajiri pleaded guilty in October 2015 to Healthcare Fraud.  He admitted to fraudulently padding Medicare bills for in-home treatment that was shorter and less complicated than the claims indicated.  The improper billing – known as “upcoding” – defrauded Medicare and the Railroad Retirement Board of $1,854,000.  Ajiri faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison when  U.S. District Judge John J. Tharp sentences him in April.

The Healthcare Fraud counts for criminal doctor Banio Koroma carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, while the false statement counts are each punishable by up to 5 years. Judge John J. Tharp Jr. scheduled a sentencing hearing for June 2.

Mobile Doctors, which was shut down in 2013, was located at 3319 N. Elston Ave., in Chicago.

The government is represented in this case by Assistant United States Attorneys Stephen Chahn Lee and Eric Pruitt.

To report health care fraud or to learn more about the HEAT anti-fraud program, log on to: StopMedicareFraud.gov.

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Doctor ‘Sneak-a-Snake’ Gets Court-ordered Slap on the Tushy for Stalking

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

In the wealthy area of Monterey California a physician has been sentenced on charges of terrorizing her estranged husband. Why? Well, because he was involved with another woman, another medical professional, at the hospital where she worked. And when it comes to infidelity, the halls of healthcare can be as off-the-chart goofy as anyplace else.

Doctor Mary Kay Brewster was sentenced in a Monterey County courtroom by Judge Mark Hood, to 5 months house confinement and three years felony probation.

Brewster, a 58-year-old gynecologist, was convicted of Felony Vandalism, Felony Stalking and Trespassing. Prosecutor Steven Somers  told the court that when the Brewsters’ marriage fell apart, the doctor started a pattern of stalking and harassing her husband and his new girlfriend. She would routinely text profane messages to him, and call his phone over and over throughout the night. A woman scorned, you know.

Dr Brewster Snake

Maybe the state medical board members should have a slinky bedroom surprise of their own . . . .

Brewster is well regarded at  Monterey Peninsula Community Hospital, even after her slinky surprise. Patients and staff can be curiously supportive in the face of other people’s reptilian behavior. As long as it isn’t directed at – you know – them.

The criminal investigation revealed that the doctor physically assaulted her ex; poisoned his plants and vandalized  the new girlfriend’s car, a nurse at Community Hospital.

It did not help her case when police found the doctor’s diary detailing her obsession. A search warrant  revealed the writings, with entry after entry showing her preoccupation and hatred of her stalking victims.

Brewster’s revenge culminated when she bought a four-foot-long python and a bagful of live rats at a nearby pet store. She then broke into her ex-husband’s home while he was away  and released the rats and snake in his bedroom. She even left some food for the rats. It was the new girlfriend who stumbled upon the surprises. Her screams were apparently heard a block away.

Now, will this out-of-control wing nut be allowed to continue treating patients in the state of California?

Of course she will. The State Medical Board is run by – and you may need to hold your ponies – other doctors. If you think a group of physicians is going to pull the license of another doctor over a snaky prank, vandalism, assault, harassment and just all-around garbage-level behavior  of trailer trash on steroids – you don’t know much about American medicine. Take a peek for yourself:

Here’s what you’ll find on this medical muttonhead if you decide to search her California State Medical Board file:

Public Record:

License Number: 84568 Current Date: 05/29/2016 02:13 PM
License Type: Physician and Surgeon G
License Status: License Renewed & Current  
Secondary Status: Accusation Filed  
Secondary Status: Misdemeanor Conviction  
Secondary Status: Felony Conviction  
Expiration Date: 09/30/2017
Date of Graduation: 06/13/1993
Original Issuance 06/05/1998


Quick – What’s the symbol on the staff of Aesculapius? You know, your doctor’s lapel pin. Why it’s a snake on a stick. Note to doc: you’re not supposed to take the serpent literally.

Always remember this: The United States holds physicians to the lowest level of discipline than any other profession.

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