Road to Riches? Become a Doctor. Move to America. Assault Patients. Bill Medicare for Millions

“This is the worst kind of healthcare fraud you can have and is the toughest I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some really bad stuff.” (Special Agent Justin Shammot, of the Cleveland FBI field office)


Dr Harold Persaud

Dr Harry Persaud

A foreign-born heart specialist who scammed and tortured patents in and around Westlake Ohio for at least a decade, was sentenced this week to 20 years in federal prison.

Doctor Harry Persaud, age 56, is an immigrant from Guyana who –as a cardiologist – was discovered to have routinely ordered unnecessary open heart surgeries and other highly dangerous procedures in order to illegally bill more than $7,000,000 dollars from insurance carriers.

Persaud was convicted of Medical Fraud, Medical Record Falsification and Money Laundering, after having ordered and performed appallingly inappropriate treatment between the years 2006-2012. His felonies included over-billing Medicare as well as other insurance payers.

Medicare Fraud

Investigators revealed that numerous unknowing patients were injected repeatedly with radioactive compounds for heart tests which they did not need. The low-life physician would then tell these poor people they were in dire need of heart operations. Many were tortured with cardiac stents and bypass surgeries for totally non-existent medical conditions, according to an FBI spokesman.

“This is the worst kind of healthcare fraud you can have and is the toughest I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some really bad stuff,” reported Special Agent Justin Shammot, of the Cleveland FBI field office.

FBI agents testified he would order unnecessary stress tests and then record fake results in order to justify catheterization. This involves placing tubes into blood vessels at the arm, neck or groin, then threading them into the heart. He would then fraudulently record that patients were suffering severe heart vessel blockages.

The State of Ohio Medical Board is expected to revoke Persaud’s medical license when they convene in January. Malpractice lawsuits by numerous patients are also underway.

Third World Assassin Persaud was sentenced on December 18, after having been convicted in a federal criminal trial in Cleveland in September. What follows is an itemized list of the federal complaint:

  • • Persaud selected the billing code for each customer submitted to Medicare and private insurers, and used codes that reflected a service that was more costly than that which was actually performed
  • • Persaud performed nuclear stress tests on patients that were not medically necessary
  • • He knowingly recorded false results of patients’ nuclear stress tests to justify cardiac catheterization procedures that were not medically necessary
  • • Persaud performed cardiac catheterizations on patients at hospitals and falsely recorded the existence and extent of lesions (blockages) observed during the procedures
  • • He recorded false symptoms in patient records to justify testing and procedures on patients
  • • Persaud inserted cardiac stents in patients who did not have 70 percent or more blockage in the vessel that he stented and who did not have symptoms of blockage
  • • He placed a stent in a stenosed artery that already had a functioning bypass, thus providing no medical benefit and increasing the risk of harm to the patient
  • • He improperly referred patients for coronary artery bypass surgery when there was no medical necessity for such surgery, which benefited Persaud by increasing the amount of follow-up testing he could perform and bill to Medicare and private insurers
  • • Persaud performed medically unnecessary stent procedures, aortograms, renal angiograms and other procedures and tests.

As a result of this scam, Persaud overbilled and caused the overbilling of Medicare and private insurers in the amount of approximately $7,200,000, of which Medicare and the private insurers paid approximately $1,500,000, according to the indictment.

The wayward MD will forfeit $93,446 in an account in the name of Harold Persaud and $250,188 in an account in the name of Roberta Persaud.

Here’s more:

Our Observations:

This lab coat idiot is a pluperfect poster boy for the Third World Assassin label. Persaud moved to the United States and became an American citizen in 1984, working in a number of different locations until settling in Ohio.

He attended Southampton Medical School in England and other medical training at Blackburn Infirmary, in Lancashire.

Then he set his sights on the jaw-droppingly feeble American healthcare billing mechanism. Every fooled patient was his own personal ATM machine.





3 thoughts on “Road to Riches? Become a Doctor. Move to America. Assault Patients. Bill Medicare for Millions

  1. S.A. native says:

    Pat, I don’t think they are enough hours in the day to keep up with all the medical malfeasance that goes on in this country.

    You do a great job of bringing to light what largely goes unnoticed!

    • Hey there, S.A. Thank you so much for the kind words.

      You are so right about there not being enough hours in a day. I honestly believe that if I had a staff of 10 working 40 hours a week, we just MIGHT be able to keep up with all the medical madness. But it would be close.

      Have a super Holiday week, wherever you are.

  2. Mike S Goodman says:

    We need to exercise greater scrutiny over these foreign doctors, who, by sense of entitlement and arrogance, tend to try to get away with as much as they can!

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