Disgraced Texas Lady Doctors Nabbed in Med Fraud Scandals

LADY DOC FRAUDA Houston doctor has been found guilty of massive health care fraud in a case which involved her stealing $1,000,000 from Medicare and Medicaid insurance providers, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson has announced to reporters.

Doctor Jocelyn Pyles, age 58, was convicted in a jury trial in November, on 14 charges of Health Care Fraud, while employed by the City of Houston. According to court records, the physician had also entered into contracts with Elite Medical Clinic and signed medical records of patients that she never examined. These patients, who were billed under her Medicaid and Medicare physician provider number, were actually examined by an unlicensed immigrant medical graduate at the Elite Clinics in Port Arthur and in Houston. At trial, he admitted he had illegally acted as a licensed MD and was instructed by Pyles to not sign any medical charts.

Medicare Fraud

No profession in America steals more money from the citizenry, than the errant physician population

Investigators learned that Pyles would show up at the clinics after hours and sign medical records, so that it would look as though she had actually treated the patients  and determined their need for physical therapy services. In fact, she did no such thing.

The owner of the Port Arthur clinic had already confessed to his involvement in the scam during his own trial. He testified that he paid Pyles $135,000 for her role in the scam.

This wayward physician faces 10 years in federal prison upon sentencing in February.


In a similar case, the city of Houston  has also been embarrassed by a psychiatrist named Sharon Iglehart, also age 58, who was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud in September, for her part in a jaw-dropping $158,000,000 Medicare theft.

Dr Sharon Iglehart

Dr Sharon Iglehart

Iglehart and other Riverside General Hospital staff members  submitted falsified medical bills to Medicare for what is referred to as  ‘partial hospitalization program’ – PHP – services. PHP is a program used to treat mental illness and substance abuse while patients live at home. Detectives learned that not only did these patients not receive PHP services, they were almost never examined by a psychiatrist. Iglehart billed Medicare for psychotherapy and falsified patients’ medical records to indicate psychiatric treatment was provided.

So this egotistical lab coat loon will spend the next 12 years behind bars. Appallingly self-centered and stupid.

And so it goes . . . .


Medical Miscreants thanks the agents from the Department of Health and Humans Services, Office of Inspector General; the FBI; the Texas Attorney General’s Office; Medicaid Fraud Control Unit; the Medicare Zone Program Integrity Contractor, Health Integrity LLC. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Redlinger and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Rodolfo Ramirez prosecuted the case.

Here’s another look:




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