California Doctor Drug-pusher Gets 27 Christmases Behind Bars

“To a drug dealer, overdoses are a cost of doing business.” (Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Wolf)


Dr Julio Gabriel Diaz

One doctor drug-dealer locked away: another thousand to go . . . .

A Southern California MD known in his community as the ‘Candy Man’ for scribbling out thousands of illegal prescriptions,  was sent off earlier this month by U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney, to spend the next 27 years in federal prison


Doctor Julio Gabriel Diaz, now age 67, was convicted last August on more than 6 dozen charges of writing prescriptions for narcotic painkillers for no valid medical reasons. Although he was found guilty in cases involving nine patients, including one who died of a narcotic overdose, he had already pleaded guilty in an earlier hearing to over-prescribing narcotics that killed 11 people.

It was one year ago when Diaz’ attorneys negotiated a plea deal with federal prosecutors. They then won the right to have the deal reversed when it became clear the wayward doctor would not get probation as he thought he would. Prosecutors were prepping to insist on a 14-year sentence.

Diaz’ lawyer is Kate Corrigan, who argued for a 10-year term, said the higher term would amount to a life sentence. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Wolf countered that a message of deterrence needed to be sent, and pushed for 327 months.

Yeah, Kate Corrigan, that makes sense: go ahead and argue that 12 months in jail for each human life, is a fair price to pay.

Prosecutor Wolf told the court the actions of this criminal physician may even have killed 20 people. She pointed to the death of 27-year-old Adam Montgomery, as an example, who was prescribed more than 1,100 narcotic doses that were “highly addictive, highly dangerous and highly abused.”

In spite of warnings by medical staff, Diaz “continued to sell and prescribe highly addictive, controlled substances … for no legitimate medical purpose,” Wolf said.

According to the prosecutor, the case against Diaz began when many of his medical coworkers reported him to police.

And we can promise you it is a rare day indeed, when medical people report medical miscreants to anyone, outside the walls of silence.

At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the administration was shocked at how many of Diaz’s patients came stumbling into the ER suffering drug withdrawals and overdoses. They logged more than 400 emergency room visits by his patients in just a one-year period alone, a time-frame that ended in January 2010.

“But Diaz did not stop pushing drugs until he was arrested,” Wolf said.

Prosecutor Wolf argued for the “deterrent value to any other doctor who would consider profiting from the sale of prescriptions by turning people into addicts and fueling their addictions with these incredibly dangerous and highly addictive and destructive drugs. When one of his clinic staff raised concerns about the prescriptions, Diaz fired her.”

This particular egomaniacal idiot owned and operated a scam drug business  called the Family Medical Clinic, located at 510 Milpas Street in Santa Barbara. The clinic was raided by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, and daffy Diaz was arrested and handcuffed  on January 4, 2012.

Here’s another view of this case:


Our Observations:

This particular lab coat loon is an immigrant from Argentina and an excellent example of a Third World Assassin. He graduated from National University of Cordoba / Faculty of Medical Sciences in Buenos Aires and took up residence in California, where careful criminal MDs can operate under the radar. Had he not gone totally off the rails with greed, he likely would never have been caught.



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