Muslim MDs Feeling the Zeitgeist of Our Times

“If Muslim physicians feel uncomfortable in the profession because their identity attracts negative experience, then the profession no longer offers a means to live out their faith in service to the profession.” (Doctor Faisal Qazi)



The first study we know of that focuses on Muslim doctors in the U.S. and how they believe they are perceived, was conducted in 2013 and concluded the following year. The study was published this week in AJOB Empirical Bioethics, an affiliate of the American Journal of Bioethics. It revealed that almost half of Muslim physicians felt more scrutiny at work compared to their peers, and nearly one in four said they experience religious discrimination during their careers.

Hundreds of physicians nationwide were surveyed as part of the research,  well before the mass shootings  in Paris and Southern California.

The assessment involved a random survey of members of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, and consisted of a questionnaire emailed to over 620 physicians. 10% of those who answered reported they had experienced patients who refused their care because they were Muslim.

The survey found that out of every 7 doctors, at least 1 said they were experiencing discrimination in their workplace

“This is significant. This came even before Trump,”said University of Chicago.ER physician Aasim Padela.


“Muslim physicians from diverse backgrounds comprise 5% of the U.S. physician workforce and, given the sociopolitical climate, may face anti-Muslim discrimination in the workplace.” (the Study)


Some doctors are saying in private they are stunned by how many medical professionals support Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.

Dr Faisal Qazi

Dr Faisal Qazi

One of those is a California neurologist, Doctor Faisal Qazi, who created a nationwide project to raise money for the San Bernardino massacre victims.  Qazi said that a surgeon friend of his, face red with anger,  told him Trump was right: “We should get rid of all the Muslims.”

Another Muslim doctor who has been practicing for 25 years in the U.S. says he shares Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants, “until we can come up with a better plan.”

Most of the physicians who responded were male from mid-Eastern nations who immigrated to the U. S. as adults. Of those, 89% considered Islam either a very important part of their life, or the most important part.

Even more important than patient care.







2 thoughts on “Muslim MDs Feeling the Zeitgeist of Our Times

  1. Ron says:

    It has been said there are plenty of bad Muslims who are good people, but there are no good Muslims who are good people.
    This, I assume, is because their holy book the Koran is a terribly cruel, violent, sexist, intolerant and evil document. Those who haven’t read it can never understand the fundamental underpinnings of this religion.

    • Good points. I happen to work 5 blocks from where the two San Bernardino shooters lived. I’ve driven within 100′ of their front door countless times. There were several Korans found in that apartment by police, along with prayer rugs. So now – long overdue – I have made the decision to read their “Holy Book” cover to cover. Till now, I’ve found very few religious works any more “cruel, violent, sexist and intolerant” than the Old Testament. Anybody who takes either work as Divinely inspired – in my opinion – probably has a serious leak in their brain pan.

      I find it exasperating that those of liberal bent in this country can be “offended” by Christmas, yet downright cheerful at the sight of mosques popping up in all 50 states.

      Of course, more mosques = more Democratic votes, so who’s zooming whom?

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