Historical Hysterics: 7 Years Ago: Doctor Yazeed Essa Wife Murder Case


Yazeed Essa, MD, on trial in Ohio

When we last assessed U.S. prison records several years ago, we found 209 doctors imprisoned for spousal homicide. Here’s one:

(December 8, 2008) An Ohio physician who fled the U.S. after he was  charged with poisoning  his wife, stopped fighting extradition in Cyprus and is being returned to Cleveland to stand trial.

Doctor Yazeed Essa, age 40, was charged with Aggravated Murder in the death of his wife, Rosemarie, on February 24 2005, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

Essa became a fugitive almost immediately after his 38-year-old wife’s death, fleeing to the middle east where family and friends hid him from authorities.

Rosemarie Essa

How normal might you expect these little ones to grow up to be?

He had been fighting his return for two years, when he was arrested after flying from Beirut, Lebanon to Cyprus. Airport authorities of the Mediterranean island caught him using a fake passport. At the time, both the FBI and Interpol were searching for him.

Investigators report that Essa decided to stop fighting extradition because he was at the end of his appeals.

(case update)

Yazeed Essa, a former emergency room doctor at Akron General Hospital, was convicted on March 6, 2010, of poisoning his wife of 5 years, by sneaking cyanide powder into her vitamin supplements. Lab tests proved that the doctor had inserted the cyanide into his wife’s calcium capsules, which he had encouraged her repeatedly  to take.

This particular medical monster was sentenced to life in prison.

Here’s more:


Our Observations: 

This  man has been convicted of Murder and  has been in prison for years. So what does the Ohio State Medical Board tell us about him?


  • Noncompliance with a Board Order  (12/15/2005)
  • Action Taken: Revocation
  • Summary: Dr Yazeed Mansi Essa; License # 35072322Nature of Complaint:The Physician has failed to comply with his Consent Agreement with the Board by failing to provide urine screening and failure to appear for a Board appearance.Action Taken:The Board has Revoked the Physician’s license to practice medicine in the State of Ohio.
  • State: Ohio

Board Actions

  • No board actions found for the years that the Board collects data.

Now let’s suppose that Essa – as most MDs do after serving time for Homicide – regains his medical license someday.

Do you see any little fact missing from the state board’s background page on this medical muttonhead? We do see that he missed a drug screen and a meeting.

Do you see any mention of, oh we don’t know   . . . wife murder?

And people have the nerve to ask us why we became a heretic.



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