‘Dateline’ on OWN Revisits the Dr. Mark Wangler Murder Case

Here’s a case we’ve covered previously, and one that has generated more reader comments than any other Medical Miscreant story:

Dr Mark Wangler

Dr Mark Wangler at the Allen County Ohio Courthouse. (photo by Jay Sowers)

Oprah Winfrey NetworkOWN – ran a review story this evening on the well-documented wife-murder case of an Ohio anesthesiologist named Mark Wangler.

In case you’ve missed it, here is a link to a representative review of this interesting case:


Kathy Wangler

Kathy Wangler (center)






Here is a more recent case review:


And here’s the best book ever written about misbehavior in medicine:


A 30-year rescuer exposes the ugly sides of healthcare




16 thoughts on “‘Dateline’ on OWN Revisits the Dr. Mark Wangler Murder Case

  1. Tom Calarco says:

    I watched it and thought the man was innocent. The jury by their own admission ignored key evidence. They suggested they knew more about heaters than the experts that testified. I think it was a miscarriage of justice, based on what I saw. Not only that, they totally ignored key information supplied by the adult sons who appeared to be totally truthful in their comments, and only evinced love for both their parents.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is a case of a person being convicted by junk science.Why can this stand?

    • “Junk science???”

      Do you honestly believe that the Paramedics; the ER physician and the medical examiner used flawed “science” to come to their totally independent conclusions?

      You watch too much television.

      • Gary says:

        You don’t watch enough or know the facts. I watch these shows all day while working and I can’t believe how stupid some of these juries are. They make decisions based on feelings instead of facts. The one jury member said “I don’t know how he did it but he did it”….WHAT! You have to make a decision on PROOF not just a feeling that some how the person did it! And the duct work expert? Tests performed a year after? RIDICULOUS! This man would have to be a total pyscho to flip from the man you see before you to be someone who would kill his wife through this elaborate plan with the car. Definitely an innocent man sitting in jail and I hope to God some judges with half a brain will look closely at the evidence and even what these jury members said in the Dateline episode that shows they should have found him not guilty. How can they possibly say that there is no reasonable doubt when they can’t even prove how it was done!

      • “How can they possibly say that there is no reasonable doubt when they can’t even prove how it was done!”

        Unfortunately, in your zeal to make your case, you are appealing to an essential flaw in logic. As thinking humans we come to correct conclusions every minute of every day, WITHOUT knowing the micro-details. You do not need to know HOW the internet works, to be certain that it does work. Wangler does not sit behind bars today because the jury jumped to conclusions.

        He sits behind bars because the jury – as well as some pretty bright medical pros – fully comprehend the invariable truth of Occam’s Razor – a basic building block of logical thought.

        I suggest you look it up.

  3. Terrance says:

    Patric ur the idiot…they said it..the jury didnt kno how he did it,,,get a grip hes innocent

  4. I agree with those who think this man has been wrongly convicted. The son said that those markings were on that wall for a long, long time. So, that theory can be thrown out. They convicted him on evidence that even they admitted was improbable. Also, that anesthesiologist claims Kathy died long before Mark called 911. SO???? They were asleep at night!! Another thing that REALLY irks me are people who say that someone is not grieving properly!! EVERYONE grieves differently!!! There is NO right way to grieve!!! These people find the person guilty and then do whatever they have to do to prove that they’re right, even if that proof is improbable. Now the U.S. has another innocent man behind bars for a crime he did NOT commit. Patricparamedic: I don’t give a darn what you do for a living or how many cases you’ve reviewed. People make mistakes, and others MAKE their theory fit It happens way too often. People have been released from death row thanks to DNA clearing them. Those investigators were SURE, too, that their man was guilty. However, they were WRONG!! Some still won’t admit to their mistakes. Too much pride!!

    • “PatricParamedic: I don’t give a darn what you do for a living or how many cases you’ve reviewed.”

      Of course you don’t. Neither do you – evidently – give a darn what the medics on the scene noticed; what an experienced ER physician observed; what an extremely competent pathologist determined.

      Because YOU know more than they do.

      We all get it.

  5. Cheryl says:

    PatricParamedic, you know NOTHING about me or what I think You’re not that smart! Get over yourself!! Everyone here disagrees with you. Put your big boy pants on and accept that. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion whether you like it or not. If you really ARE a paramedic, as you claim, you should be mature enough to agree to disagree without being a jerk. People make mistakes, including doctors, nurses and paramedics. It’s called being human. Everyone has marriage problems. It’s not proof of murder. But, as soon as one of them dies, they look for proof of murder. This happened at night, so it’s quite possible that she’d been dead for a while as the nurse claims. They were all asleep.There are many people in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. It happens. IMO, there IS enough reasonable doubt in this case.

    • “This happened at night, so it’s quite possible that she’d been dead for a while.”

      Not according to her husband. He told the dispatcher she was “having a seizure.”

      Dead people don’t have seizures. That particular lie is about 30% of why he sits in a cage today.

      Try to drum up at least a modicum of logic in your arguments.

    • “Everyone here disagrees with you.”


      (Dr Vivienne, December 10, 2013, says:)

      I must say as a doctor who has a special interest in forensic science that I find it very, very strange that the defendant, an experienced anaethesiologist, had not assessed the victim’s vital signs before phoning 911 and had to be prompted to do this.

      (Eve, January 8, 2014 says:)

      “I am a non medical person, but have had absolutely no problem seeing clearly and without a doubt that Wangler is 100 % guilty.

      A thank you to Dr. Vivenne for pointing out even more common sense and facts pertaining to his guilt. That Wangler would of been the first dead victim because he was on a lower level and that almost every non medical person knows never to do cpr on anything but a flat surface. Wangler waiting for prompts to do cpr ? His pathetic attempt at acting. And what no one has mentioned here so far, his going home to take a shower where a supposed deadly water heater just killed his wife! To me, that is extreme evidence that he knew the water heater was fine.

      (GV on January 11, 2014 says:)

      PATRIC PARMEDIC’s comments are LOGICAL, sound, wise, professional . . . His life EXPERIENCE is obviously vast and I find it insulting to critique a man who is extremely CLEAR with the facts before us. . . .

      (Kathleen Smith on June 12 2014 says:)

      Very interesting reading for sure.

      As a medical professional, I believe many good points are made from all of you, particularly:

      My own opinion is – his very forced and staged 911 call, I personally have witnessed docs, nurses and medics caring “for their own” and believe me every remote piece of knowledge you have kicks into gear very quickly.

      Ok last point – we love and respect our EMS guys – working in an urban area with a very high ED volume – almost 90,000 visits, they know their stuff – if it stinks of foul play, they smell it…!

      (Eve on April 23 2015 says:)

      I agree the journals not only showed the hatred towards his wife, but also intent when he talks about carbon monoxide. Funny how shortly after he is alive but his wife is dead of c.m. poisoning.

      Also, contrary to the image Wangler wanted to project, especially of being so religious, he lied and cheated on his wife. He could not even play the part after she died and disrespected her by calling her overweight and a slob.

      What convinced me above all, is just one thing. After the wife died, Wangler goes back to his house and takes a shower ! Who would do that ? Stupid and guilty.

      (IHG on May 20, 2016 says:)

      Thanks for getting Dateline interested in this story. I’ve watched two awesome programs on this very interesting case – the Ohio doctor who lost his appeal in Wife’s Murder Case. The Paramedic Heretic’s detail, in this and so many other cases, has touched me deeply. It is seriously shocking how much bad MD behavior goes on around us.

      (Lisa Turner on August 23 2016 says:)

      I have watched this murder story many times on Dateline reruns. I always think it is so odd that Dr. Wangler claimed an overflowing stinking toilet as the reason why he was holed up in his room with the door closed and a towel under the door. Why would anyone want to stay in the stinky room? Why not go sleep in another room or on the couch?

      “Everyone here disagrees with you.”

      When stoking an argument, it pays to know what you’re talking about.

      That way you don’t continue to sound . . . you know . . . dumb.

      • loyalalways says:

        Gary, I agree with everything you’ve said. Some people just don’t know how to agree to disagree. I guess they have tender feelings. Like some cops and prosecutors, they’ll do whatever they have to do to prove that they’re right. Justice isn’t that important to them.

      • “Tender feelings?”

        That scarcely describes those of us who have examined countless death scenes for a living.
        Our observations on this site – and in our books – are the end result of rock-solid foundation of field-tested logic. It’s the simple application of Occam’s Razor.

        Not the vapid opinions of the sofa crowd.

  6. Tasha says:

    I’ve watched this program several times and I’ve read every public document on this case and I do not understanding how any jury could come to a guilty verdict and not have reasonable doubt. I often wonder if people truly understand what reasonable doubt is, this is a man’s life and this jury did not meet their obligation. I do not believe this man is guilty and I hope justice for him prevails soon because this is terrible and unjust!!!!!!!!!!!! He is innocent and the Innocence Project lawyers should take this on a free this poor man!!!!

    • Tasha:

      Why would a husband lie to a 911 dispatcher? Why?

      Why would a doctor say his wife was having a “seizure” with post mortem rigor and dependent lividity present? Why?

      In your zeal to defend Wangler, do not allow yourself to fall into the overly emotional, totally amateur “couch-crowd” mentality, who haven’t the vaguest notion of what professional rescuers know. Instead, take a 10-minute peek into the subject of lividity and rigor, and how long it takes for static blood to pool.

      Do just this much, and you’ll be head & shoulders above the Wangler apologists, fully capable of answering our original question.

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