Road to Riches? Become a Doctor. Move to America. Assault Patients. Bill Medicare for Millions

“This is the worst kind of healthcare fraud you can have and is the toughest I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some really bad stuff.” (Special Agent Justin Shammot, of the Cleveland FBI field office)


Dr Harold Persaud

Dr Harry Persaud

A foreign-born heart specialist who scammed and tortured patents in and around Westlake Ohio for at least a decade, was sentenced this week to 20 years in federal prison.

Doctor Harry Persaud, age 56, is an immigrant from Guyana who –as a cardiologist – was discovered to have routinely ordered unnecessary open heart surgeries and other highly dangerous procedures in order to illegally bill more than $7,000,000 dollars from insurance carriers.

Persaud was convicted of Medical Fraud, Medical Record Falsification and Money Laundering, after having ordered and performed appallingly inappropriate treatment between the years 2006-2012. His felonies included over-billing Medicare as well as other insurance payers.

Medicare Fraud

Investigators revealed that numerous unknowing patients were injected repeatedly with radioactive compounds for heart tests which they did not need. The low-life physician would then tell these poor people they were in dire need of heart operations. Many were tortured with cardiac stents and bypass surgeries for totally non-existent medical conditions, according to an FBI spokesman.

“This is the worst kind of healthcare fraud you can have and is the toughest I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some really bad stuff,” reported Special Agent Justin Shammot, of the Cleveland FBI field office.

FBI agents testified he would order unnecessary stress tests and then record fake results in order to justify catheterization. This involves placing tubes into blood vessels at the arm, neck or groin, then threading them into the heart. He would then fraudulently record that patients were suffering severe heart vessel blockages.

The State of Ohio Medical Board is expected to revoke Persaud’s medical license when they convene in January. Malpractice lawsuits by numerous patients are also underway.

Third World Assassin Persaud was sentenced on December 18, after having been convicted in a federal criminal trial in Cleveland in September. What follows is an itemized list of the federal complaint:

  • • Persaud selected the billing code for each customer submitted to Medicare and private insurers, and used codes that reflected a service that was more costly than that which was actually performed
  • • Persaud performed nuclear stress tests on patients that were not medically necessary
  • • He knowingly recorded false results of patients’ nuclear stress tests to justify cardiac catheterization procedures that were not medically necessary
  • • Persaud performed cardiac catheterizations on patients at hospitals and falsely recorded the existence and extent of lesions (blockages) observed during the procedures
  • • He recorded false symptoms in patient records to justify testing and procedures on patients
  • • Persaud inserted cardiac stents in patients who did not have 70 percent or more blockage in the vessel that he stented and who did not have symptoms of blockage
  • • He placed a stent in a stenosed artery that already had a functioning bypass, thus providing no medical benefit and increasing the risk of harm to the patient
  • • He improperly referred patients for coronary artery bypass surgery when there was no medical necessity for such surgery, which benefited Persaud by increasing the amount of follow-up testing he could perform and bill to Medicare and private insurers
  • • Persaud performed medically unnecessary stent procedures, aortograms, renal angiograms and other procedures and tests.

As a result of this scam, Persaud overbilled and caused the overbilling of Medicare and private insurers in the amount of approximately $7,200,000, of which Medicare and the private insurers paid approximately $1,500,000, according to the indictment.

The wayward MD will forfeit $93,446 in an account in the name of Harold Persaud and $250,188 in an account in the name of Roberta Persaud.

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Our Observations:

This lab coat idiot is a pluperfect poster boy for the Third World Assassin label. Persaud moved to the United States and became an American citizen in 1984, working in a number of different locations until settling in Ohio.

He attended Southampton Medical School in England and other medical training at Blackburn Infirmary, in Lancashire.

Then he set his sights on the jaw-droppingly feeble American healthcare billing mechanism. Every fooled patient was his own personal ATM machine.





Pennsylvania Doctor Drug-dealer Spends First Christmas in Prison

“Our narcotics task force not only looks at targeting drug dealers that are on street corners, but we also attack those drug dealers that are wearing white coats.” (Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan)


Dr Lawrence Wean

Internist Lawrence Wean

In Delaware County a physician found guilty of using his clinic to operate a narcotic drug-selling business, now sits in a state prison cell. He was handcuffed and taken into police custody on December 17, 2014, and convicted almost exactly one year later – on December 10 this month.


Doctor  Lawrence Wean, age 61,  was convicted of using his practice to illegally sell prescriptions, “no questions asked.” Detectives discovered that Wean would routinely charge between $200- $300 for each prescription while performing no medical history or exams whatsoever.

Investigators had raided Wean’s clinic as well as his home, not far from the Delaware County Courthouse in Philadelphia where he was taken.

Wean, a resident of the city of Media Pennsylvania, was found guilty on 99 charges of Unlawfully Prescribing  Controlled Substances, as well as Insurance Fraud.

He was sentenced to serve at least 10 years in a Pennsylvania state penitentiary.

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Disgraced Texas Lady Doctors Nabbed in Med Fraud Scandals

LADY DOC FRAUDA Houston doctor has been found guilty of massive health care fraud in a case which involved her stealing $1,000,000 from Medicare and Medicaid insurance providers, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson has announced to reporters.

Doctor Jocelyn Pyles, age 58, was convicted in a jury trial in November, on 14 charges of Health Care Fraud, while employed by the City of Houston. According to court records, the physician had also entered into contracts with Elite Medical Clinic and signed medical records of patients that she never examined. These patients, who were billed under her Medicaid and Medicare physician provider number, were actually examined by an unlicensed immigrant medical graduate at the Elite Clinics in Port Arthur and in Houston. At trial, he admitted he had illegally acted as a licensed MD and was instructed by Pyles to not sign any medical charts.

Medicare Fraud

No profession in America steals more money from the citizenry, than the errant physician population

Investigators learned that Pyles would show up at the clinics after hours and sign medical records, so that it would look as though she had actually treated the patients  and determined their need for physical therapy services. In fact, she did no such thing.

The owner of the Port Arthur clinic had already confessed to his involvement in the scam during his own trial. He testified that he paid Pyles $135,000 for her role in the scam.

This wayward physician faces 10 years in federal prison upon sentencing in February.


In a similar case, the city of Houston  has also been embarrassed by a psychiatrist named Sharon Iglehart, also age 58, who was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud in September, for her part in a jaw-dropping $158,000,000 Medicare theft.

Dr Sharon Iglehart

Dr Sharon Iglehart

Iglehart and other Riverside General Hospital staff members  submitted falsified medical bills to Medicare for what is referred to as  ‘partial hospitalization program’ – PHP – services. PHP is a program used to treat mental illness and substance abuse while patients live at home. Detectives learned that not only did these patients not receive PHP services, they were almost never examined by a psychiatrist. Iglehart billed Medicare for psychotherapy and falsified patients’ medical records to indicate psychiatric treatment was provided.

So this egotistical lab coat loon will spend the next 12 years behind bars. Appallingly self-centered and stupid.

And so it goes . . . .


Medical Miscreants thanks the agents from the Department of Health and Humans Services, Office of Inspector General; the FBI; the Texas Attorney General’s Office; Medicaid Fraud Control Unit; the Medicare Zone Program Integrity Contractor, Health Integrity LLC. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Redlinger and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Rodolfo Ramirez prosecuted the case.

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Reviled for Drug Price Gouging, CEO Shkreli Nailed for Fraud

An American drug cartel entrepreneur named Martin Shkreli was handcuffed and trucked off to jail by the FBI last week. He was arrested in an early morning raid on his upscale Murray Hill Tower home in downtown New York, on a warrant that charged he had created a Ponzi scheme involving a pharmaceutical company and a hedge fund.

martin shkreli

Question: Should street punk wannabes run drug companies?

Shkreli, age 32, is the same drug corporate CEO who drastically raised the price of a life-saving prescription drug last year, causing public outrage. At the time of his arrest he was the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals as well as KaloBios Pharmaceuticals. He is charged in a U.S. government indictment relating to his management of hedge fund MSMB Capital Management and a drug company, Retrophin.

Pill TossShkreli became the poster boy for the soaring prescription drug prices in the U.S. He was personally responsible for raising a cancer treatment medication from $13.00 a pill to $750.00.

The arrest is a stark punctuation of a change of fortune for Shkreli, who over the summer became a public ogre for his controversial remarks to the news and taunts on social media. Ironically, his arrest has nothing to do with his outrageous drug pricing.

According to U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, Shkreli ran his companies like a Ponzi scheme, using newer corporation money to pay off investors of previous corporations he had victimized by fraud.

Shkreli faces charges of Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud Conspiracy and other conspiracies to commit fraud. He was released on $5,000,000 bail. He could get 20 years in prison.

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Hospitals Fined Over Deadly Patient Infection Rates

Trust us: the most dangerous place you will ever find yourself is in a hospital

Trust us: the most dangerous place you will ever find yourself is in a hospital

Medicare holds 3,308 hospitals under its hospital acquired infection control program. And of those hospitals, fully 758 of them are being fined for their failure to meet minimum patient infection rates over this past year.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesCMS – has announced that it will penalize these facilities by withholding 1% of their federal funding due to poor performance, which amounts to $365,000,000.

CMS reports that although hospital infection scores have improved in some areas, they still fall short of accepted levels for urinary catheter-related infections. CMS has initiated new quality information to its Hospital Compare site, and added its first set of performance measures for individual practitioners on patient safety.

And these infections kill upwards of 200 people a day.

This year’s CMS penalties are some of the most severe ever, in a program that also includes fines for preventable patient returns after being discharged.

Some of the medical centers failing to make the grade are among those considered the finest in the nation, according to Kaiser Health News. They include the Mayo Clinic and Stanford Health Care.

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California Doctor Drug-pusher Gets 27 Christmases Behind Bars

“To a drug dealer, overdoses are a cost of doing business.” (Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Wolf)


Dr Julio Gabriel Diaz

One doctor drug-dealer locked away: another thousand to go . . . .

A Southern California MD known in his community as the ‘Candy Man’ for scribbling out thousands of illegal prescriptions,  was sent off earlier this month by U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney, to spend the next 27 years in federal prison


Doctor Julio Gabriel Diaz, now age 67, was convicted last August on more than 6 dozen charges of writing prescriptions for narcotic painkillers for no valid medical reasons. Although he was found guilty in cases involving nine patients, including one who died of a narcotic overdose, he had already pleaded guilty in an earlier hearing to over-prescribing narcotics that killed 11 people.

It was one year ago when Diaz’ attorneys negotiated a plea deal with federal prosecutors. They then won the right to have the deal reversed when it became clear the wayward doctor would not get probation as he thought he would. Prosecutors were prepping to insist on a 14-year sentence.

Diaz’ lawyer is Kate Corrigan, who argued for a 10-year term, said the higher term would amount to a life sentence. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Wolf countered that a message of deterrence needed to be sent, and pushed for 327 months.

Yeah, Kate Corrigan, that makes sense: go ahead and argue that 12 months in jail for each human life, is a fair price to pay.

Prosecutor Wolf told the court the actions of this criminal physician may even have killed 20 people. She pointed to the death of 27-year-old Adam Montgomery, as an example, who was prescribed more than 1,100 narcotic doses that were “highly addictive, highly dangerous and highly abused.”

In spite of warnings by medical staff, Diaz “continued to sell and prescribe highly addictive, controlled substances … for no legitimate medical purpose,” Wolf said.

According to the prosecutor, the case against Diaz began when many of his medical coworkers reported him to police.

And we can promise you it is a rare day indeed, when medical people report medical miscreants to anyone, outside the walls of silence.

At Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the administration was shocked at how many of Diaz’s patients came stumbling into the ER suffering drug withdrawals and overdoses. They logged more than 400 emergency room visits by his patients in just a one-year period alone, a time-frame that ended in January 2010.

“But Diaz did not stop pushing drugs until he was arrested,” Wolf said.

Prosecutor Wolf argued for the “deterrent value to any other doctor who would consider profiting from the sale of prescriptions by turning people into addicts and fueling their addictions with these incredibly dangerous and highly addictive and destructive drugs. When one of his clinic staff raised concerns about the prescriptions, Diaz fired her.”

This particular egomaniacal idiot owned and operated a scam drug business  called the Family Medical Clinic, located at 510 Milpas Street in Santa Barbara. The clinic was raided by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, and daffy Diaz was arrested and handcuffed  on January 4, 2012.

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Our Observations:

This particular lab coat loon is an immigrant from Argentina and an excellent example of a Third World Assassin. He graduated from National University of Cordoba / Faculty of Medical Sciences in Buenos Aires and took up residence in California, where careful criminal MDs can operate under the radar. Had he not gone totally off the rails with greed, he likely would never have been caught.