The Curious Case of Doctor ‘Sneaky Snake’


How do you scare your ex? Well, here’s one way . . . .

 “When a woman teams up with a snake, a moral storm threatens somewhere.” – Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life


In the picturesque beach town of Monterey California a physician has been found guilty of Stalking, in a goofy, teenage saga that involved a former husband; his new girlfriend; a handful of rodents and – now hold your ponies here – a serious reptile. Just another day in the life of a modern-day medical professional . . . .

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

Some MDs are classy. Others? Not so much

 Doctor Mary Kay Brewster, a 58-year-old Ob/Gyn specialist, has been convicted on two charges of felony  Stalking; One charge  of felony Vandalism, and Trespassing.

Oh, there’s more.

According to the prosecution the stalking began after the doctor and her husband separated. What followed was physician Brewster sending harassing text messages; destroying property at her husband’s place of employment; repeatedly calling his cellphone; poisoning plants; vandalizing his car and physically assaulted him. Brewster  also stalked her husband’s new girlfriend, a nurse.

Oh, there’s still more.

Nurse witnesses testified that Doctor Brewster called the nurse a “skank” in front of patients, spattered bodily fluids on her in a surgical suite and in general allowed her emotions to create a hostile work environment. And then of course, the doctor was caught on a security camera, crawling under the victim’s  car at 4:30 in the morning.

But then she slipped out of her surgiscrubs; put on her daffy doctor hat and got downright creative.

The police record shows the wayward physician, who lives in Salinas,  broke into the former husband’s home while he was away and released rats and a large python in the house. That oughta teach him.

This particular lab coat loon is scheduled to be sentenced in January. And here’s another look at this soap opera:

Our Observations:

Mary Kay Brewster MD graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 1993. We’re guessing her alma mater alumni association will think carefully before inviting her to speak at a future commencement ceremony.

On the other hand, in the Twilight Zone of medicine . . . maybe it won’t bother them in the least. After all, you can bet the house that the California State Medical Board won’t be even slightly perturbed that this twit sneaked a snake into somebody’s bedroom.

Never forget: No profession in society is held to a lower standard of discipline than the errant physician population.


3 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Doctor ‘Sneaky Snake’

  1. Marathongirl says:

    The California Medical Board investigation is ongoing and has been extremely actively involved. You can rest assured of that.

    Lives of ALL involved in this case have been permanently affected. Domestic Violence has no bounds and never discriminates in its victims. Neither do mental health issues. As a medical professional, of all people, you should know that. There was nothing goofy or teenage about this horrifying time, and several persons involved have suffered terrible PTSD and depression, an entire family has been utterly destroyed, and a frightening break in mental health and stability is likely going to cost Dr. Brewster her career which she was once very devoted to, as you are to yours. That is one of the intense penalties being assessed. I am not sure that is professional to make fun.

    Medical Board disciplinary action is not posted until the case is closed. The Medical Board investigation will continue now that the District Attorney has completed it’s prosecution. As one medical professional to another, instead of adding to the sensationalism of what has torn many lives apart, perhaps gather some appropriate facts and professional reflections. Everyone involved in this situation has had to seek intense help to survive it.

    • We envy the dream-world you seem to be living in. In the meantime – months after this doctor’s conviction – here is exactly what her current and future patients will see if they look for her “background” on the California State Medical Board website:

      Administrative Disciplinary Actions::::: None found
      Court Order:::: None found
      Misdemeanor Conviction:::: None found
      Probationary License:::: None found
      Felony Conviction:::: None found
      Malpractice Judgment:::: None found
      Hospital Disciplinary:::: Action None found
      License Issued with Public Letter of Reprimand (Non-Disciplinary)::: None found
      Administrative Citation Issued:::: None found
      Administrative Action Taken by Other State or Federal Government:::: None found
      Arbitration Award:::: None found
      Malpractice Settlements:::: None found

      How accurate would you say this Board’s garbage report is? Maybe more importantly, how FAIR is this to future patients? How much of a public safety service is the Board providing citizens of California?

      In our opinion? The California State Medical Board’s primary role in society is to hide facts and protect physicians to the point of nausea.

      And in a non-dream-world, THAT would be criminal.

      In California’s bizarre “physician-discipline” world – well, it’s just business as usual.

  2. Alice says:

    Wow Marathon girl you sure know a lot about this, care to say why? Are you involved?

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