Doctor and Wife Hide Their Slave 24 Years

Perivale Slave Kept Diary of Physical/Emotional Abuse

“This doctor and his wife enslaved a young teenager and forced him to work 16-18 hours a day as a houseboy. He was made to sleep on the hallway floor, even when there were  unused bedrooms in the house.” (the prosecution)


In the town of Perivale England, not far from London, the Harrow Crown Court has found an obstetrician and his nurse wife guilty of Slavery.

Emmanuel and Antan Edet

Dr Emmanuel Edet and nurse wife Antan


Doctor Emmanuel Edet, age 60, as well as his wife  Antan, had kept Ofonime  Inuk, hidden away since age 14, after he arrived in England from Nigeria in 1989. He was forced to live and work everyday in the couple’s home and care for their children. Inut who is now 40, told the court that he had been warned since an early age that if he left the house or went to police he would be arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

Chief Inspector Phillip Brewer told the court that “The doctor and his wife controlled what this man wore, what he did and where he went for two and one-half decades. They rigged the home with closed circuit cameras and convinced him they could see his every movement. Not only did the defendants have total psychological control over the victim, they also had control of his passport and identity documents. This is a shocking case of modern day slavery which has no place in our society.”

The couple, who emigrated to England from Nigeria years before,  was found guilty of Child Cruelty, Slavery and Assisting Unlawful Immigration. They are scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday of this week.

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Our Observations:

Third World Assassins can be found anywhere in the world.


One thought on “Doctor and Wife Hide Their Slave 24 Years

  1. Ron says:

    I hope this peace of squalid humanity is deported to Nigeria.

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