America’s Immoral Tolerance for Scam ‘Charities’


As the Holiday Season rapidly approaches you may find yourself tempted to ‘give’ to a charity or two. Nothing wrong with that – the U.S. citizenry is quite possibly the most generous of populations for more than 200 years. Americans historically give and give and then give some more. And it is a trait we can be proud of.

Just keep in mind that the same nation that generates billions in donations each year, has also regrettably spawned an appalling number of scams – scams that pose as legitimate charity organizations. And of all the creative steps these creepy people take to hoodwink generous folks, by far the ugliest is creating a corporate name that mimics the honest organizations out there. Consider this one: Kids Wish Network. Sound familiar? Would you say more than a few of your neighbors might confuse that name with Make a Wish Foundation? Well, folks, that’s the whole idea.

And because this is the USA – the same nation that allows  doctors to regain their medical licenses after Rape, Kidnapping and Murder – nearly all of the following is ‘legal’.

So here’s our little Holiday suggestion, with all good will intended: Print out a copy of this list, and keep it handy as people in the Holiday spirit start asking you for money:

20 of America’s Most Shameful Charities**

Rank Charity name Total raised by solicitors Paid to solicitors % spent on direct cash aid
1 Kids Wish Network $137.9 million $115.9 million 2.5%
2 Cancer Fund of America $86.8 million $75.4 million 1.0%
3 Children’s Wish Foundation International $92.7 million $61.2 million 10.6%
4 Firefighters Charitable Foundation $62.8 million $53.8 million 7.4%
5 International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO $66.6 million $50.4 million 0.5%
6 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation $63.9 million $44.8 million 2.2%
7 American Association of State Troopers $48.1 million $38.6 million 8.9%
8 National Veterans Service Fund $70.2 million $36.9 million 7.8%
9 Children’s Cancer Fund of America $43.7 million $34.4 million 4.6%
10 Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation $38.5 million $28.9 million 0.7%
11 Project Cure (Bradenton, FL) $53.8 million $25.5 million 0.0%
12 Committee For Missing Children $26.6 million $23.5 million 0.8%
13 Youth Development Fund $27.5 million $22.6 million 1.0%
14 Association for Firefighters and Paramedics $24.0 million $21.4 million 3.1%
15 Woman To Woman Breast Cancer Foundation $19.4 million $18.2 million 0.3%
16 United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association $25.6 million $17.9 million 0.8%
17 National Caregiving Foundation $21.0 million $17.4 million 3.2%
18 Vietnow National Headquarters $19.1 million $16.7 million 2.8%
19 National Cancer Coalition $42.1 million $16.4 million 1.3%
20 Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth $18.2 million

** as determined by the Tampa Bay Times & Center for Investigative Reporting



One thought on “America’s Immoral Tolerance for Scam ‘Charities’

  1. Ron says:

    It’s too bad we can’t take away American citizenship for some offenses. Problem: No other country would want them.

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