When it Comes to Criminal MDs, the U.S. Could Learn a Lesson From England – But We Don’t

“In England, we nurses call these twitty doctors ‘sex pests’.”


Dr Ram Manohar

Dr Ram Manohar

Doctor-criminals in the U.K. are considerably less tolerated than in the United States, which might explain why they have far fewer criminal physicians per capita. Here, we slap their sassy degreed rear-ends for such things as drug-pushing and homicide. In Great Britain? Well, consider the case, for example, of a physician named Ram Manohar, who, according to a British medical tribunal, “will never be allowed to practice medicine in England again when he is released from jail.”

His crime?

Manohar, age 38, was found guilty of sexually assaulting two nurses in separate incidents at Wirral’s Arrowe Park Hospital. The physician, who is married with two children, was “struck from the registry” earlier this year after being convicted of three counts of sexual assault, committed in 2013.

A misconduct tribunal ruled that Doctor Ram Manohar was guilty of a gross abuse of trust, saying, “Doctor Manohar abused his professional position as a doctor in order to sexually assault.”

One nurse told police she went to Manohar when she was suffering from a nerve condition. She said Manohar invited her into his office where he kissed her and put his hand up her dress. He then proceeded to perform an intimate examination, with no medical need, and with no female assistant in the room.

Best choose your MD wisely. Is his name in our books?

Best choose your MD wisely. Is his name in our books?

In another instance, while teaching a nurse how to find a heartbeat, the wayward MD slid his hand down her blouse, slapped her on the behind and said, “Oh, you bad girl.”

In the United States – where we routinely return medical licenses to physicians who commit murder, drug-running and unnecessary surgeries for fun and profit – it is unlikely this physician would have lost a week’s pay.

But, ah, across the pond, they do take a dim view of lab coat lunacy.

At sentencing, Judge Andrew Menary said this: “The consequences for these moments of madness is your career is now in ruins and you must serve a significant period of imprisonment.”

“The panel considers that Doctor Manohar’s criminal conduct is incapable of remediation. Your actions have seriously damaged the reputation of the profession.” His name was immediately stricken from the official medical registry.

Manohar, a resident of Barnston, denied the accusations, but was found guilty of three of four felony counts of sexual assault.

Manohar was sent to prison for 6 years.

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4 thoughts on “When it Comes to Criminal MDs, the U.S. Could Learn a Lesson From England – But We Don’t

  1. Donna says:

    It is nice to know that some country has this right!

  2. S.A. native says:

    Here’s a domestic sex pest who didn’t get the memo that male gynecologists are not turned on by female patients:


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