Doctors Killing Doctors: Makes Us Proud to be an American

And every time we address a group regarding the astounding volume of physician crime, at least one person in the audience raises a hand to ask, “Why would a paramedic become a ‘heretic’?”


“This doctor is a new breed of drug trafficker; one who sells blank prescription pads, assault weapons; plots attempted murders, commits arson and distributes diverted prescription pain pills out of his medical office.” (DEA Special Agent James J. Hunt)


A Long Island heart specialist says he isn’t guilty of conspiring to have another cardiologist killed by a hit-man. Nassau County law enforcement say he’s lying.

Dr Anthony Moschetto

How well do you know YOUR doctor?

Doctor Anthony Moschetto, age 54,  was handcuffed and taken into custody in April, on a whopping 77-count indictment, which includes a Murder-for-Hire plot; Arson, Conspiracy, Criminal Solicitation and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.

Just what we want in our medical practitioners, right?

According to the prosecution, Moschetto was in the process of arranging for a contract killer to murder a competing doctor – Martin Handler – so he could take over his patients and make more money.

Like many mental midgets, this idiot unknowingly hired a cop instead. Investigators report that Moschetto paid an undercover detective with blank prescriptions sheets, drugs and handguns to do the deed.


“Dr. Moschetto, by all accounts, was a one-man crime wave.” (WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs)


“The case of medical miscreant Moschetto  started exactly one year ago, in early December 2014, as a simple investigation into the sale of prescription drugs,” reports Madeline Singas, Nassau County District Attorney. But detectives soon realized things were far more complex, revealing serious probabilities of arson, assault weapons, and a murder plot.

The murder-for-hire scheme was discovered when an undercover officer bought assault weapons and heroin from the shady doctor, who then stupidly mentioned that he needed dynamite to blow up a building.

The prosecution states they can prove that Moschetto directed men to burn down Doctor Martin Handler’s office in Great Neck last February. The clinic was damaged but not destroyed, authorities say.

The two men were caught and arrested in the arson case.

The doctor then paid an undercover officer with blank prescriptions and cash for the assault and  murder, of the other cardiologist, according to the court record, which goes on to state that, “At one point, Doctor Moschetto directed his ‘hit-man’ to assault the victim’s wife, too.”

In a police raid on Moschetto’s Long Island home, investigators discovered a cache of more than 100 weapons, including assault rifles, exotic fighting knives and a hand grenade, according to authorities. Many of the weapons were hidden in a secret basement room, accessible by a ‘James Bondian’ sliding bookshelf.

Over the half-year investigation, undercover agents bought numerous assault weapons; more than 400 Oxycodone pills and 200 bags of heroin from Moschetto, so he set himself up pretty good.

If convicted, this lab coat loon faces  25 years in prison, according to the district attorney.

“Doctors are supposed to ensure the health and wellbeing of people, but Doctor Moschetto is believed to have replaced that responsibility with brazen, callous and criminal acts,” District Attorney Singas said.

Here’s another look at this case:


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Another Drugged-up MD Treating Patients

The Scourge of Modern America  . . .

The Scourge of Modern America . . .

“Over the course of her activities, she went through in excess of 12,000 hydromorphone pills.”  (The court record)


A drug-addicted family practitioner in Canada faces a prison term as the New Year approaches.

It was one year ago when Doctor Sarah Louise McArthur, age 43, confessed to felony charges of Fraud, Drug Theft and Forgery. And this week federal prosecutor Kathleen Nolan announced her office is encouraging the court to mete out a 5-year prison term.

McArthur, who lived in the city of Cambridge, admitted to the crimes, which took place between 2012-2014 after she stated she became addicted to fentanyl, a powerful medication usually prescribed to cancer patients.

McArthur acknowledged that she stole a blank prescription pad from an exam room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, near Ontario. This enabled her to forge other doctors’ names for prescriptions of hydromorphone as well as  fentanyl – both of which are painkillers. Fentanyl is nearly 100 times more powerful than morphine, and is delivered via slow-release skin patches.

“Over the course of her activities, she went through in excess of 12,000 hydromorphone pills,”  the prosecution said. She took many of the pills herself, and traded many for other drugs.

It is not clear exactly at what point during her heavy  drug use she stopped treating patients, so there is no accurate way to determine how many patients she might have treated while under the influence.  The court record indicates she had promised to stop practicing medicine in 2012. Her attorney, Mark Parrott, stated said she voluntarily agreed to stop treating patients in 2009.

Some of the theft charges are the result of the doctor fraudulently billing Ontario insurance payers for the prescriptions. Even after her first arrest for prescription fraud in January 2012, and while out on bail, McArthur continued falsifying even more  prescriptions.

The doctor’s  guilty plea included Possession of hydromorphone for the purpose of Trafficking; Possession of fentanyl; Fraud; Theft under $5,000 and Creating Falsified Documents.

McArthur is expected to be sentenced in January.

“It’s a very serious set of circumstances,” Justice Gary Hearn said.


Alaska Doctor ‘Guilty’ in Child Porn Case: U.S. Medicine’s 43rd Such Embarrassment This Year

Dr Greg Salard

Dr Greg Alan Salard

It only took a federal jury less than two hours to convict an Alaskan family doctor on child pornography charges. It wasn’t exactly rocket science to figure out: the perverted physician had tracked his internet footprints all over some pretty disgusting websites.

Doctor Greg Alan Salard, one of only four doctors in the town of Wrangell, was found guilty of Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography. A 12-person jury returned  the verdicts in U.S. District Court after deliberating 90 minutes last summer.

Judge Timothy Burgess presided over the trial, which took place in the Juneau Federal Building.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyle Reardon, Salard had downloaded nearly 600 files of graphic child images, and his “last viewed” items listed on his computer’s media player before his arrest,  were child pornographic videos.

Salard was arrested at his Wrangell home in October 2014, after FBI website investigators traced illicit activity to Salard’s laptop that had been going on since at least February. Investigators could easily see that the wayward physician had shared more than 100 sexually explicit files of children with others, by utilizing a peer-to-peer, file sharing network. Salard was handcuffed and taken to jail after detectives searched his home and gathered up his laptop computer as evidence. They found that the doctor had just started a program to erase the computer’s hard drive, when officers got to his house.

The physician had been employed by Alaska Island Community Services at Wrangell Medical Center as chief of staff, where he treated both children and adults. Those facilities report he has been terminated.

Salard, a 54 year-old family medicine specialist, will be extradited to Louisiana to face an older Rape charge, after his sentencing in Alaska in December. He could get a 20-year term for each offense, as well as a $250,000 fine.

Here’s more:


The Curious Case of Doctor ‘Sneaky Snake’


How do you scare your ex? Well, here’s one way . . . .

 “When a woman teams up with a snake, a moral storm threatens somewhere.” – Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life


In the picturesque beach town of Monterey California a physician has been found guilty of Stalking, in a goofy, teenage saga that involved a former husband; his new girlfriend; a handful of rodents and – now hold your ponies here – a serious reptile. Just another day in the life of a modern-day medical professional . . . .

Dr Mary Kay Brewster

Some MDs are classy. Others? Not so much

 Doctor Mary Kay Brewster, a 58-year-old Ob/Gyn specialist, has been convicted on two charges of felony  Stalking; One charge  of felony Vandalism, and Trespassing.

Oh, there’s more.

According to the prosecution the stalking began after the doctor and her husband separated. What followed was physician Brewster sending harassing text messages; destroying property at her husband’s place of employment; repeatedly calling his cellphone; poisoning plants; vandalizing his car and physically assaulted him. Brewster  also stalked her husband’s new girlfriend, a nurse.

Oh, there’s still more.

Nurse witnesses testified that Doctor Brewster called the nurse a “skank” in front of patients, spattered bodily fluids on her in a surgical suite and in general allowed her emotions to create a hostile work environment. And then of course, the doctor was caught on a security camera, crawling under the victim’s  car at 4:30 in the morning.

But then she slipped out of her surgiscrubs; put on her daffy doctor hat and got downright creative.

The police record shows the wayward physician, who lives in Salinas,  broke into the former husband’s home while he was away and released rats and a large python in the house. That oughta teach him.

This particular lab coat loon is scheduled to be sentenced in January. And here’s another look at this soap opera:

Our Observations:

Mary Kay Brewster MD graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 1993. We’re guessing her alma mater alumni association will think carefully before inviting her to speak at a future commencement ceremony.

On the other hand, in the Twilight Zone of medicine . . . maybe it won’t bother them in the least. After all, you can bet the house that the California State Medical Board won’t be even slightly perturbed that this twit sneaked a snake into somebody’s bedroom.

Never forget: No profession in society is held to a lower standard of discipline than the errant physician population.

Want to Check Your Doctor’s Background? Start Here


In order to make it easier for our readers to look up their own doctors, we have created a list of state medical boards’ websites. Some state boards have come a long way over the past 5 years in simplifying the information ‘search’ procedure – others leave much to be desired. Many boards appear to do all in their power to obscure criminal or unethical behaviors. A few appear to actually remember what their stated mission is supposed to be: public safety.

One important note: no state medical board that we are aware of, will inform you of doctor-crimes currently under investigation, and none of them – so far as we know – report medical malpractice cases. The best you can hope for is that serious misbehavior might be listed, and that your doctor at least has a valid medical license.

New Hampshire
New Jersey  • Disciplinary Actions
New Mexico
New York • Disciplinary Actions
North Carolina
North Dakota
PennsylvaniaDisciplinary Actions
Rhode Island
South Carolina
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Washington DC
West Virginia / Osteopathic Doctors

One final note of interest: 6 years ago we wrote a humorous – but totally accurate – book called “America’s Dumbest Doctors.” The book included the names of over 400 physicians who had committed serious misbehavior and/or crimes. Very, very few of those physicians’ negative histories were listed in any state medical board data base.

That fact partially explains why we walk around with steam coming out of our ears most of the time.

Have a terrific – and safe – week.


Arkansas MD Heads to Prison: He Was Looking for Sex with a Pre-schooler


“The conduct at issue in this case is frightening. The threat of abuse to young, innocent children is serious, ever-present, and very real.” (Connor Eldridge, U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas)


Dr Donald W. Lamoureaux

Dr Donald Wayne Lamoureaux

In the city of Fort Smith a physician has been sentenced to 15 years in state prison for planning a sexual encounter with a 4-year-old child. In U.S. District Court, Western Arkansas, Judge P.K. Holmes announced the prison term for the doctor, in addition to a 10-year probation upon his release. The pervert-physician was part of a team of medical personnel who operated the Southeast-HEALTH Clinic in Dexter Missouri.

Doctor Donald Wayne Lamoureaux, age 69, who lived in the town of Hardy, was convicted of the felony of Enticement of a Minor. According to the prosecution, Fort Smith Police Department investigators initiated an undercover internet probe last January,  watching the online activity of people who were using computers to target minors for the purpose of illegal sexual activity. During the operation, an undercover officer logged into an internet chat room posing as an adult mother offering her 4-year-old daughter for sexual exploitation. Lamoureaux identified himself as a physician and sent a picture of himself to the detective.

Several conversations ensued, during  which time the doctor repeated that he would like to meet the woman and her daughter for sex. Lamoureaux and the undercover officer agreed to meet on February 6 at a motel in West Plains Missouri, for the stated purpose for Lamoureux to sexually use the child. Lamoureaux told the “mom” to set up a bank account for herself, so that he could deposit $300 to cover the  costs of transporting the child to the motel.

The doctor was arrested when he arrived at the motel.

This sordid case was investigated by Fort Smith Police, Homeland Security Investigations, the Northwest Arkansas/River Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, the West Plains Police Department and the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Taskforce.