Indian-born Doctor: a ‘Third World Assassin’ and American Embarrassment

“Patel’s reckless and reprehensible behavior threatened the lives of his patients. This punishment holds Patel accountable for his crimes and ensures he no longer will be a danger to the health and safety of women as a medical professional.” (Oklahoma State Attorney General Scott Pruitt)


Dr Naresh Patel. In prison? Not even close

Dr Naresh Patel. In prison? Not even close

In Oklahoma City a physician who specialized in abortions has confessed in court that he was selling an abortion-inducing drug to women who said they believed they were pregnant, but actually were not.

Doctor Naresh G. Patel, age 62, admitted in a guilty plea to committing medical fraud in a criminal case that involved him  prescribing abortion-inducing drug to three different undercover policewomen who acted as new patients. Patel told the court that in order to sell the abortifacient and profit $600 from each dose of the drug RU-486, he informed the  three adult women in 2013 “that, as a medical doctor, it was my opinion that each patient was pregnant. In fact, I knew none of them were pregnant.”

Patel was arrested last December 9 at the Warr Acres Clinic he owned and operated. He was charged with four felonies: three counts of obtaining money by false pretenses and one count of Racketeering.

Under a plea arrangement with the district attorney’s office, Patel’s medical license has been revoked; he was ordered to pay a $20,000 fine; serve 18 days in jail and hold no financial interest in any medical clinic in the future.

Patel operated one of only three abortion clinics in the state.

The man is a Third World Assassin crime wave

Last year a former clinic staff member sued Patel in federal court for sexual harassment. He settled out of court last Fall.

In 2011 Patel was investigated when police learned that he had performed an unnecessary abortion procedure on a woman for a $500 fee. The woman was not pregnant. She had cervical cancer and died several months later.

Prior to that case, Patel was already well-known in town as the doctor who burned the bodies of aborted fetuses in a field near the city of Shawnee, 22 years ago. He’d told police he burned them in the field because he had no place else to put them.

The Oklahoma State Medical Board had no problem with this doctor

The Oklahoma State Medical Board had no problem with this doctor

in 1993 a woman went to Oklahoma City police and told them Patel had sexually assaulting her. He was arrested but then acquitted for lack of evidence.

There were no criminal convictions in these previous cases because the man was . . . well, a doctor. And as you certainly ought to know by now, state medical boards and the American court systems hold physicians to the lowest level of discipline of any profession in society. We barely punish them and never deport them. So they simply cross state lines and start all over.

This particular lab coat lunatic had been licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma since 1984. His full name is Nareshkumar Gandalal Patel. He owns a $4,000,000 home in Oklahoma City.

Here’s more on this medical mutton-head:



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