Doctor/Lawyer/Drug Dealer Loses All Three Careers

“We appropriately grant a tremendous amount of trust to health care and legal professionals and the vast majority are dedicated community servants. But a few blatantly violate their Hippocratic Oath — and we are serious about ensuring they do no more harm to Utah citizens.” (Utah State Attorney General Sean Reyes)


Dr Stanley Clark Newhall

Dr Stanley Clark Newhall

In the town of Sandy Utah a fellow who was once a well-known attorney and physician has managed to derail both careers. Doctor Stanley Clark Newhall, age 65, has been disbarred by the state from practicing law, and now has also surrendered his license to practice medicine, after confessing in court  to Attempted Illegal Drug Distribution and Attempted Witness Tampering.

Investigators revealed that in June 2014 information surfaced that Doctor Newhall, who performed the rare combination of both medical malpractice law as well as emergency medicine, was providing prescription drugs to three younger women in Utah county in exchange for sex. This information was entered into the court record. However the final determination of guilt did not address this particular issue.

According to state prosecutor Scott Reed of the Utah Attorney General’s Office, Newhall would routinely write drug prescriptions for his staff members and friends without performing medical exams; without keeping medical records and with – by all indications – no true medical need.

Prosecutor Reed reports that the charges they were able to prove were twofold:  that the prescription drugs were being issued improperly and that Newhall tried to persuade a staff member from cooperating with detectives about what was going on. The case also revealed that the doctor would prescribe drugs supposedly for a staff member, that were actually for himself.

“Rather than following accepted protocol, prescriptions were being written with virtually no medical determination of need, at all,” explained Scott Reed.

“It’s a sad ending to an otherwise good career.”

District Judge Paul Parker sentenced the doctor/lawyer to 2 years probation and 150 hours of community service.

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