Houston Doctor Has License Suspended Over Patient Rape Charge

Dr Shafeeq T Sheikh

Dr Shafeeq T Sheikh

In the city of Houston a physician has been charged with the rape of a patient at Ben Taub General Hospital after a series of incidents that happened 23 months ago. And as a result, the Texas Medical Board has suspended yet another medical license over serious physician misbehavior.

The Board determined that considering the evidence, “continuation in the practice of medicine of this doctor poses a threat to public welfare.”
Doctor Shafeeq Sheikh, age 43, was arrested for Sexual Assault of an adult almost two years after a patient reported what she described as multiple assaults on the night of November 2, 2013. Sheikh was an internal medicine specialist who worked at Baylor College of Medicine. But after his arrest, Baylor told the press that he is no longer employed by the college, where he was completing his residency.

The patient, known only by her first name “Laura,” told detectives she was assaulted three times on the same night in her hospital room on the fifth floor.

According to Laura, age 27, a man wearing a white lab coat, possibly of Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent, came into her darkened room several times. She said she did not recognize him at all and hospitals records showed that he was not her physician of record. She said that under the pretext of checking her lungs he started touching her breasts. He would leave the room and then return, and it was the third time that he pulled her to the edge of the bed and raped her. She reported that she was under such heavy sedation she could barely move. She was able to reach the nurse call button, but there was never a response. Investigators learned the next day that the call device had been unplugged. And when they studied the security camera videos, they saw that Sheikh had entered her room repeatedly on the night in question, just as she reported. Nothing on her medical chart indicated a reason for him visiting her that night for any reason, and certainly not multiple times.

Much later, a DNA test matched fluid recovered from Laura’s rape exam. So Doctor Shafeeq Sheikh was charged last month with sexual assault, and his initial court appearance has been set for Monday.


Houston Police are asking any other possible victims to contact the Special Victims Unit at 713-308-1100.

Here’s another look at this case:




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