“Overdosed America” a Paramedic Heretic Book Review

An irrefutably logical argument that the U.S. healthcare train has gone tragically off the tracks.


Dr John Abramson

Our 30-year sojourn in the world of emergency medicine provides a front-row seat at our drug-induced societal circus, and I am here to say it is a gut-wrenching viewpoint. Physicians right out of school allow themselves to led by the nose ring, by the most egregious drug cartels on the planet. No need to overthink it – just follow the money, boy. And boy, do they ever. Their inherent “Primum Non Nocere” vow little but a vague memory, they substitute disease care for health care and pocket the polyps. Consider this:

It wasn’t a full week after “Overdosed America” hit the bookshelves before pharmaceutical giant Merck shocked the health provider world by halting production of their juggernaut money machine called Vioxx. After all, their much ballyhooed “arthritis remedy” was churning out $200,000,000 a month in profits. Pulling Vioxx off the shelves was in fact the single biggest drug recall in history. And in the early going, Merck was applauded for its decency of pulling the plug on what was clearly a very dangerous drug – doubling, as it did, the chances of heart damage.

But the critical subject of the time was not that Merck had taken the ethical tack, back in the Fall of 2004. the real subject – for those paying attention – was that U.S. physicians had pumped out $7,000,000,000 worth of the nasty drug in the first place. And the direct result was countless thousands of heart-damaged patients and untold thousands of needless deaths – 4 years AFTER both Merck and the Federal Drug Administration found out that Vioxx was considerably more lethal – and no more effective – than the cheaper anti-inflammatory pill, Aleve.

And that’s merely an overview of one drug-nightmare this book discusses. There are, regretfully, many more.

So you can believe us, when we say that this book fights the good fight. And thank heaven for those few like the author, Doctor John Abramson, who has the nerve to say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

“Overdosed America” is a must-read for anyone who pops pills because somebody in a lab coat said it was the way to wellness.

Buyer beware. whenever . . .

Your ill-health . . .

Pads anybody’s wealth.



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  1. Cameron Husein says:

    I spend my daily half-hour coffee break reading the posts on this web page.

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