Predator Physician Escapes Proper Discipline – Again

“It all occurred after hours and it happened with her consent. She also reported that she performed sexual acts on Simon as a ‘thank you’ for the therapy.


Dr David Simon

Dr David Simon (photo: WPBF TV News)

In the city of Lake Worth Florida a physician got the satisfying opportunity last year to educate the rest of us on the wonders of his creative medical treatments. He could explain how he used chains and blindfolds, handcuffs and whips, to cure a nude adult woman of depression via ‘punishment therapy’.

Doctor David Simon has confessed to ongoing sexual-sadistic encounters with an unnamed 38-year-old patient at his clinic behind closed doors.

The woman reported to police that the frisky physician’s therapy included 12 sessions – one every 30 days – each consisting of her being bound and whipped,  performing sexual acts and being locked in a closet for hours at a time. Investigators learned that Simon routinely instructed the woman to strip off her clothes and then submit to handcuffs and whippings, to ease her long-term depression.

The woman testified that, “I didn’t like it, but I went along with the sessions anyway.”

The patient eventually decided what was happening had nothing to do with therapy and sued Simon, whose medical degree is in osteopathy, for malpractice. On the advice of his lawyer, he agreed to settle her lawsuit out of court. And the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine announced the case deserved an administrative hearing.

This was not Simon’s first brush with sexual piccadillos. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office verifies a previous patient, age 24, also complained about Simon five years ago. That particular woman reported that after a gynecological exam, Simon rubbed her back and the top of her buttocks and told her, “I think you need to be punished for being a bad girl. It seems you really need to be punished.”

“He’s deeply embarrassed.” Attorney David Spicer.

Police did not charge the lab coat horny toad with any crime in either case.

And the Florida Medical Board did what medical boards usually do: They slapped the daffy doc’s tushy and let him loose to continue his reindeer games on future patients.

Here’s more:

  • Sexual Abuse of or Sexual Misconduct with a Patient  (12/31/2014)
  • Action Taken: Probation
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: Florida