Ohio Doctor: “Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.” Not the Patient. The Doctor

In the city of Northwood yet another physician has had his medical license pulled after confessing that, why, yes indeed, he was routinely having sexual encounters behind closed doors of the clinic. Isn’t that what closed doors are for? Who told?

Dr Peter C Johnson - as clear a case of nominative determinism we've seen

Dr Peter C Johnson – as clear a case of nominative determinism we’ve seen

The Ohio State Medical Board announced in mid-September they had made the determination that the license of Doctor Peter C. Johnson, age 52,  should be suspended for at least 24 months.

That ought to teach him.

Johnson, who lives in Graytown, is an Ob/Gyn specialist whose clinic address was 500 Commerce Park in Northwood, a suburb of Toledo. The clinic is now closed, which is probably a bright idea.

According to the Medical Board’s report, the doctor admitted to sexual encounters with three different patients and his medical office assistant. Oh! Almost forgot. Also a doctor in medical training whom he supervised. Good of him to teach her what hands-on medicine is all about.

So lab-coat horny toad Johnson confessed to the Board that his sexual misbehavior continued even after he realized the Board was investigating him, “because I couldn’t help myself.”

Just the sort of guy you want undressing your family members.

The Medical Board reports that Johnson was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from “Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified,” and that his ability to practice medicine ethically is “impaired.”

We suspect the psychiatrist assessing Johnson went with that particular diagnosis since “Mr. Quickest Zipper in the Mid-west” is not yet a recognized deviancy in the psych bible, the DSM-5. Maybe we’ll see it in future editions.


Anyway, the unnamed psychiatrist recommended that the doctor undergo intensive residential treatment for sexually compulsive behavior; participate in a followup program for sexual addiction. He agreed to weekly counseling sessions and must also agree to unscheduled polygraph testing.

Otherwise, priapistic Peter will be . . . you know . . . in trouble. Again. And then the University of Toledo Medical School will have to make the uncomfortable decision of inviting him to their alumni parties. Or not.

The wayward MD was ordered in July to begin the process of referring all of his patients to other, presumably less perverted, specialists.

And we think that’s just swell.

Here’s more:


For the record, Medical Miscreants holds files on just under 1,000 physicians found responsible for pretty much the same goofiness, over the last 30 years. Some things in ‘healthcare’ just never change very much.

(We thank contributor S.A. Native for pointing this case out to us)



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