Usually Drugs Kill the Patients: This Time They Killed the Doctor

“They got out of the ambulance and carried her. She had on pants, but no top or shoes. She was naked and wasn’t moving. Her eyes were closed. Her skin was really pale. It was scary.” (A witness told police)


Might this be a good reason NOT to attend a drug party?

Might this be a good reason NOT to attend a drug party?

In New York City a physician and mother of three children died last Saturday of what police believe was a drug overdose. Doctor Kiersten Cerveny, age 38, was found unconscious in the entranceway of an apartment building early Sunday morning after what appears to have been a night of heavy partying. Police say she was not physically assaulted and was not the victim of a robbery.

At this point in the investigation, this is how the case developed, according to New York police detectives:

About 6:30 Saturday evening the doctor went out to a hotel with a small group of friends. A few hours later they went to a bar on the Lower East Side, where alcohol and cocaine use went on at their corner table.

At about 2:00 a.m. Cerveny joined a 51-year-old television producer whom she was vaguely familiar with on social media. According to her friends, she left with the man at about 4:00 in a taxi.

At about 4:30 a security camera showed them arriving at the home of the taxi driver on West 16th Street.

At some point within the next 3 hours, the doctor lapsed into unconsciousness and was carried down the stairs by the taxi driver and the other man. They laid her on the floor of the apartment lobby.

At 8:30 a.m. an unknown caller contacted 911 to report “an unconscious woman lying on the floor” in the lobby of the apartment building. Detectives now believe the caller was the TV producer. The security camera video showed him and the taxi driver walking quickly away from the scene. Police say before they arrived an EMS team was on the scene and transported Kiersten Cerveny to Lenox Hill Hospital. An ER physician pronounced her dead within 15 minutes after she arrived.

There have been no arrests.

Cerveny, who lived on Long Island, was a well-respected dermatologist and the wife of another physician. She was a graduate of Tulane University Medical School and was affiliated with Brooklyn Hospital.

Here’s another view of the regrettable case:



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