Doctor Drug-pushers: They Never Learn; They Never Stop

Dr Lawrence Wean

Dr Lawrence Wean

In the tiny town of Media Pennsylvania yet another MD has chosen to disgrace his profession – this one by committing more than 100 felonies. His crimes were among the most common to be found within the medical profession: Illegal Narcotic Prescriptions and Insurance Fraud.

Doctor Lawrence Wean, age 61, was handcuffed and taken into police custody last December after undercover detectives posed as new patients and were issued painkiller prescriptions with no true signs or symptoms of medical need. Wean’s clinic, located on the Baltimore Pike, about 12 miles west of Philadelphia, was immediately locked down.

During the trial investigators testified that they entered the clinic on multiple dates with no appointments; that they underwent no routine medical histories or physical exams; that they were simply given prescriptions for Oxycodone, Percocet and Xanax. One detective told the court he would pay $200 cash for each visit. Another reported that he used his Blue Cross insurance card – the bills for which listed treatments that were never performed.

Prosecutor Sharon McKenna was able to show the jury that Wean’s medical files had very little – and in many cases, no – patient information or treatment notes.

Wean’s clinical staff testified that the doctor ignored their warnings that many of the so-called “patients” were known in town as drug dealers. They said hundreds of people would simply walk in off the street and walk out with drug prescriptions with no demonstrated medical need.

Judge Anthony Scanlon revoked Wean’s bail after the guilty verdict was read.

Lawrence Wean’s sentencing is scheduled for December 2.

Here’s another view of the case:



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