San Diego Physician-Pervert Dodges Adult Punishment: Sent Home After Patient Rapes

“I can tell you that in 30 years, this is by far the most unique sentencing I’ve seen. These types of charges usually merit serious, serious prison time. The recommendation here is 20 years, which you would expect under these circumstances.” (Marc Carlos, San Diego criminal defense attorney)

Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams: He raped patients and got sent to his room as punishment

Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams: He raped patients and got sent to his room as punishment

In the San Diego suburb of El Cajon a physician who admitted he sexually assaulted female patients during free clinic exams, was sent home under house arrest and given five years’ probation.

In issuing this appalling sentence, Judge Laura Halgren ignored the San Diego County Probation Department recommendation of the standard, 20-year state prison term for similar crimes. The only difference? Well, the sexual pervert in this case is a doctor, and he happens to have some medical problems. Get it?

Raise your hand if any of this sounds . . . well, stupid.

Doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams, age 68, confessed in court to eight charges of sexual penetration of an unconscious person; three charges of sexual assault and another charge of possession of child pornography, which involved pictures of an 8-year-old girl. Deputy District Attorney Kerry Conway said in a news conference that the typical sentence should have been 25 years in prison.

During the trial, 8 different women testified they were assaulted during medical examinations by Abrams at the Volunteers in Medicine free clinic, over a 4-year time-frame that started in June 2010.

“He used his position as a doctor to lead the victims to believe the inappropriate acts served a professional purpose. It appears his actions were well calculated as some of his victims were Spanish speaking or economically disadvantaged, therefore making them less likely to report the crime.” (San Diego County Probation Report)

And yet some people actually wonder why a Paramedic might become a medical heretic.

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

Is YOUR doctor listed in this book?

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