Florida Eye Specialist Nailed for Faking Patient Diseases

“We have 30 ophthalmologists and optometrists ready to testify that the Medicare patients in this fraud case never had wet macular degeneration, nor were they ever treated. Doctor Pon indeed did use a laser on patients, but that he set it at such a low energy-level that no leaking veins were ever sealed.” (Assistant US Attorney Mark Devereaux)

Dr David Ming Pon

Dr David Ming Pon

In a Jacksonville federal court yesterday an eye doctor was found guilty of an appalling crime: he faked thousands of eye-disease diagnoses, which frightened a stunning number of elderly patients, forcing them to endure years of totally unnecessary laser procedures.

Doctor David Ming Pon, age 57, was convicted in a jury trial on 20 charges of Medicare fraud.

Pon, who owns a million-dollar mansion in the town of Windermere, abused his patients at two different clinics – one in Orlando and the other in Leesburg.

During the trial prosecutors revealed that the criminal physician deliberately lied to patients by telling them they had a serious eye disease that would cause them to become blind – macular degeneration. It then became a simple matter to convince them they would need a long series of laser treatments that were nothing but a scam through which he could bill Medicare. One patient testified that he had undergone laser treatments on his eyes every month for 14 years.

U.S. government prosecutors are now in the process of seizing Pon’s properties in the Orlando area. They believe he has a net worth of more than $12,000,000, including money in Chinese bank accounts.

Pon faces a sentence of 200 years in federal prison at his sentencing hearing next year.

Here’s another look:




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