Ohio Jury Convicts Doctor in Unneeded Heart Procedures Scam

In the city of Cleveland a federal court has found a heart specialist guilty of ordering unnecessary tests, performing scam procedures and illegally billing insurance payers more than $7,000,000.

Dr Harold Persaud

Dr Harold Persaud

Doctor Harold Persaud, a resident of Westlake, was convicted last Friday of Healthcare Fraud; 13 charges of lying under oath and another charge of Illegal Financial Transactions. During the trial US. government prosecutors were able to prove that Persaud, a cardiologist, would routinely bill Medicare as well as private insurance companies for far more expensive procedures than were actually done; that he falsified medical stress tests to justify unnecessary heart catheterizations; and worse, that he sent many patients for totally unneeded heart bypass surgeries they didn’t need. Here’s what the FBI had to say about this stethoscope scamster:

  • Persaud performed nuclear stress tests on patients that were not medically necessary
  • He knowingly recorded false results of patients’ nuclear stress tests to justify cardiac catheterization procedures that were not medically necessary
  • Persaud performed cardiac catheterizations on patients at the hospitals and falsely recorded the existence and extent of lesions (blockage) observed during the procedures
  • He recorded false symptoms in patient records to justify testing and procedures on patients
  • Persaud inserted cardiac stents in patients who did not have 70 percent or more blockage in the vessel that he stented and who did not have symptoms of blockage
  • He placed a stent in a stenosed artery that already had a functioning bypass, thus providing no medical benefit and increasing the risk of harm to the patient
  • He improperly referred patients for coronary artery bypass surgery when there was no medical necessity for such surgery, which benefitted Persaud by increasing the amount of follow-up testing he could perform and bill to Medicare and private insurers
  • Persaud performed medically unnecessary stent procedures, aortograms, renal angiograms and other procedures and tests

Investigators learned that Persaud, age 56, continued his personal wealth-building scams over a seven-year span that started in 2006.

Here’s another look at this lab coat lunatic:




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