Surgeon to Nurses: ‘Has Anybody Seen My Cell Phone?’

“There it is!”

In the city of Amman Jordan an Ob/Gyn is being blamed for somehow unknowingly dropping his cell phone into a woman’s surgically opened abdomen during a Caesarian operation last Spring.

That was bad enough.

According to Jordanian Gulf News reports, the patient – Ms. Hanan Abdul Karim, age 36 – was taken to a private hospital  for her delivery in April. During the surgery, which took about 35 minutes, the doctor performing the procedure managed to lose track of his personal mobile phone without knowing it was missing.

Oh, it gets worse.

A news media interview with the patient’s mother revealed that after her daughter gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby boy, she was released from the hospital. Two hours later the new mother began experiencing severe stomach pains and they realized her abdomen was actually vibrating.

The woman was then rushed to Al Bashir Public Hospital, where x-rays revealed a solid object of “non-human material” in her abdomen. Two surgeons then opened the poor woman’s sutures and discovered the missing telephone.

We could make this stuff up, but with all the physician-level shenanigans going on, why would we need to?

In keeping with Jordanian government policy, errant physicians are almost never identified, and this one’s name remains a mystery for now too.

Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Al Azrae reported to the media that the whole story was “fabricated,” but refused to explain why the doctor’s phone records show multiple calls were made to his personal number at the identical times the new mother and her family could feel intermittent vibrations beneath the woman’s suture line.

And then of course, there’s that pesky little matter of the x-ray . . . .

Here’s more, if you can stand it:


Our Observations:

Wouldn’t you just love to believe this couldn’t happen in the USA? But alas. You’ve visited this website more than once, so we’re guessing you already know better.

Admit it.

Anyway, look at the bright side: every now and then, Third World Assassins stay in the Third World, where they belong.



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