Doctors and Child Sexual Perversions: an American Embarrassment

In the state of Ohio still another doctor has been convicted on underage porn charges after changing his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty.

Doctor Thomas W. Michaelis

Doctor Thomas W. Michaelis

Doctor Thomas W. Michaelis, age 70, was sentenced in August to the mandatory minimum punishment of 15 years in state prison by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Helmick. The verdict and sentence followed his admission that he had routinely downloaded illicit images of children on his personal computer.

Michaelis, whose specialty was OB/Gyn, changed his plea to guilty in March, admitting to receiving and distributing images of sexual exploitation of a child, as well as possession with intent to view images involving the sexual exploitation of children.

This is not the first time this doctor’s sexual habits have gotten him into trouble. He was found guilty in Lucas County of attempting to molest several teenagers in 1991. Michaelis spent 60 days in an Ohio jail for trying to seduce four teen-age girlfriends of his 14-year-old daughter. When he got out of jail he did what most convicted MDs do – he moved away from Toledo, crossed state lines and started over. He worked eight years as an OB/Gyn at an Indian Health Service clinic in Arizona, where he earned $800,000 from U.S. government funding. The fact that it is illegal for a registered sex offender to work at clinics and hospitals serving Native Americans was totally ignored by the government agency that hired him.

By the time Indian Health Services fired him, he had examined approximately 300 women at the Phoenix IHS clinic.

According to Judge Jeffrey Helmick, it is because of the doctor’s prior sexual offense that he received the mandatory sentence of 15 years this time.

Here’s some background on this case:

(We thank contributor S.A. Native for bringing this case to our attention)



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