Florida Doctor Shoots Husband; Awaits Trial; Keeps Right on Treating Patients

(We received this letter from a regular reader of Medical Miscreants)

Dear Mr. McDonald:

Would you be kind enough to post this letter I wrote to the editors of the Ocala Star Banner News:

I am deeply concerned with the privileged treatment physicians receive when they are the aggressors in felony cases.

The immediate focus of my concern is Dr. Alexis Touchton-Williams of Gainesville. On February 6 of this year Touchton-Williams is reported to have shot her ex-husband. She was arrested and charged with premeditated attempted first-degree murder. She is currently out on bond awaiting her trial.

Dr Alexis Touchton-Williams

Dr Alexis Touchton-Williams

According to the Florida Department of Health website, her license to practice psychiatry is free and clear. In fact, nowhere on the site does it even mention her felony charge.

How can it be possible that an individual can return to the privilege of treating the most vulnerable members of our society, and yet the body governing the physician’s licensure neither alerts nor informs the public. that this provider has been accused of being involved in a violent crime?

The secretive and protracted nature of the Department of Health review process is slanted toward protecting a physician’s image.

Virginia Hart, Tallahassee 

Here’s the case:




13 thoughts on “Florida Doctor Shoots Husband; Awaits Trial; Keeps Right on Treating Patients

  1. Gia says:

    Trust me, this man is scary. This is a case of self defense, with much more serious circumstances. Do some research before judging!

    • Gia –

      You did notice that we did not generate this letter, right? You do comprehend that in fairness, we publish other people’s opinion besides our own, right?

      Just like we’re publishing yours.

  2. James says:

    “Lawyers in general are all liars.”

    • James –

      Unfortunately life isn’t so simple. You can distrust attorneys all you like. The fact is, she was not arrested by lawyers. She was arrested by law enforcement, who happen to be very, very, VERY, careful, when arresting a doctor, for anything.

      • M says:

        Life is not simple. Unfortunately there is corruption in the system all around us and law enforcement is not so careful when the husband has close professional and personal ties to those within the law enforcement community. The truth gets covered up and the story teller does just that, tell more stories. Gia is correct.

    • That may or may not be true. But we can tell you without question IS true:

      Doctor’s kill more people and get away with it, than any other profession.

  3. smarterthanu says:

    You are an absolute idiot.

    • Yes, that’s what a few feeble-minded fools have scribed in print, over the years.

      Funny, though. They never seem to be able to back up their mental midgetry with a logical argument.

      So we won’t hold our breath waiting for yours.

  4. Ralph Roland says:

    I was at the trial and it is clear that there was corruption. The jury was not allowed to hear the full story. The real victim was on trial. Say what you want Pat but the system did not work this time. The police and child protection services help cover for Frank. Alexus was not aided by the system when she asked for help, and I pray that the full story will eventually come out. This is a sad David and Goliath story. If you followed the trial, you should have the capacity to see the real crime here, or you have no brain.


  5. Ralph Roland says:

    If you followed the trial Pat, you had to see that the real victim here was Doctor Williams. There was a cover up by the police and the child protective services. I was at the trial and it came out that child protective services never investigated the many reports they received from 3rd parties. Alexus also made a report to child services. The jury never heard these details. Pat why did child protective services fail to investigate these child abuse reports. Some of the reports to child protection services were made prior to the shooting. The sources of these reports came from reliable sources. Could it be the Federal Prosecuted accused of child abuse had ties to the police and child protection services. He did work closely with both. Can you say, “Conflict of Interest, corruption, and huge red flag”

  6. Monica says:

    This woman who wrote this letter is clearly biased due to her being the sister of the “alleged” victim. Just remember that. And although you are right that many Dr’s practice and shouldn’t, this is not the case this time. As a matter of fact, the majority of her patients were disclosed to this situation and still continued to see her for professional treatment because they believed in her and we’re so appreciative of her thorough and accurate treatment.

  7. little aisha says:

    At some point, somebody picked up a gun. It was the person who should have had the most insight into mental health.

  8. Sally says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. You definitely know what youre talking about.

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