Doctors Stepping into Deep Doo-doo? The Books That Started a Movement

For 30 years we kept wondering if anybody would write a book about the various and sundry idiotics of our lab coat brethren. So we waited for someone else to do it. We minded our own business in the world of rescue; responded to countless thousands of 911 calls; witnessed a never-ending soap opera of physician foul-ups, bloops and blunders. And we waited some more. And you know what? Nobody ever did.


There’s “knowing” and “not knowing.” We think knowing is better.

Finally it occurred to us. In spite of the ungodly volume of lab coat lunacy all around, not a single medic nor tech; not a doc, not a lab pro, physical therapist, shrink, surgeon; not an RN, LVN, BSN or any kind of “N” was willing to document in a single tome what we all were witness to 10 times a day – Medical miscreancy by the ton.

Oh, they talk about it. All the time. They just aren’t willing to write it down and, you know, name names.

“Can’t do that. Some of these doctors are downright vindictive. They could get . . . well, pissed.”

So Paramedics would just have to do it. We boys and girls in blue, we brash rogues of rescue, we, the very rare breed of medical folk who literally flee the hallowed halls of healthcare often enough to run around outside and actually breath the fresh air of sanity.

Who else is telling you these things?

Who else is telling you these things?

And so we did.


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