Doctor vs Doctor ‘Murder by Mercedes’ Case Redux: 13 Years Ago

Dr Clara Harris

Dr Clara Harris

(Clara Harris to her husband): “What makes you so attracted to this woman?”

“Well, she always smiles, makes great conversation. She’s petite and has big breasts. You’re a loud workaholic and you’re fat.”

Hard to imagine why anybody might want to kill this turd in a lab coat.


It was 13 years ago this summer – on July 24, 2002 –  when Doctor Clara Harris learned that her philandering husband David was entertaining his mistress at the Nassau Bay Texas Hilton Hotel. Big mistake.  And because she already knew that her doctor-husband was involved in a long-term affair with a clinic employee, and because she lived not far away, she made the epic decision to drive over there to confront them both.

Bigger mistake.

Court records would later show that Clara Harris entered the hotel with her teenage step-daughter Lindsey and called her husband’s cell phone from the lobby. She knew he was in a bedroom upstairs somewhere. And when he answered the phone he lied by telling her that he was having dinner at a steak house across town. It apparently never occurred to him his wife might be waiting in the lobby.

Dr David L Harris

Dr David L Harris

And we actually trust these people with sharp objects.

Within a few minutes all hell would break loose, as Doctor David Harris and mistress Gail Bridges exited an elevator and Clara attacked the woman. Hotel employees testified later the fight became so violent that the women were rolling around on the floor of the hotel lobby pulling hair and biting. They said Clara literally tore Gail’s blouse off. The teenage daughter of David Harris started beating her father with a handbag and screaming, “I hate you daddy!” over and again. Eventually, hotel security grabbed up the scorned wife and escorted her out of the building.

Now comes Act 2.

Gail Bridges (right)

Gail Bridges (right)

When Harris and his secretary Gail walked out of the hotel, Clara Harris hit the gas pedal on her high-powered Mercedes and clobbered her husband hard enough to slam his body 25 feet across the parking lot, all as her teenage stepdaughter sat in the passenger seat screaming for her to stop. Poor Lindsey Harris went through the horrifying experience of watching her dad disappear under the front end of the car as they ran over her father. David Harris was rushed to the nearest ER with grotesque injuries to his face and chest. He died within minutes. And Doctor Clara Harris was arrested that night for first-degree murder.

Six months later in a Houston courtroom, Lindsey Harris sat in the witness chair, an impossible-to-ignore figure for the prosecution, testifying in a Texas-style “trial of the century” that she had screamed for her mom to stop the car.

(Court testimony of Lindsey Harrris):

“(Dad) pushed Gail out of the way. When Clara drove at them she said, ‘I’m going to hit him.’ (Dad) had his hands up to the front of the car. He yelled ‘stop’ and she didn’t. I didn’t know if she had run over him or if he had gotten away. But she went over the median, circled around and ran over him again.”

Attorney Magness then asked, “How do you know?”

“Because I heard the bump. I yelled, ‘Stop, you’re killing him.’ I could tell when we were going over the big concrete curve and when we were going over my dad, it felt different,'” Lindsey Harris said. “She ran over him the first time, then two more times. A total of three times.”

The words coming from the stepdaughter had a powerful influence on the jury. But even more powerful was an actual videotape of the crime.

Time to pause for a question: Do you STILL believe doctors are smarter than you are? Be sure to consider this little pickle before you answer:

On the day before the incident, Clara Harris had paid serious cash to Blue Moon Investigations, to follow her husband and film his activities. So on the night David Harris met his demise, a lady private investigator sat in a darkened Toyota Camry at the Nassau Bay Hilton and pointed her video camera at the wayward doctor and his mistress, as the two walked across the parking lot toward her car. The video was especially damning in court, as it showed the circling, white Mercedes S-Class 430 sedan careening wildly around the parking lot counter clockwise three times, pulverizing the doctor lying on the pavement.

You see, Clara Harris – in her understandable rage – “forgot” the private investigator she paid for, was tucked outside in the shadows, filming the husband’s every move. And in this bizarre incident, they succeeded in documenting their very wealthy client taking out vengeful rage on her very wealthy husband.

So in the end, not much to anyone’s surprise, Doctor Clara Harris was found guilty of murdering Doctor David Harris. She was sentenced to 20 years in Texas state prison. And on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2003, she was handcuffed and taken away on her eleventh wedding anniversary.

Dr Clara Harris hears

Dr Clara Harris hears “Guilty” verdict

Now, you may just begin to wonder how often doctors kill their spouses.

Answer? Oh, it happens a lot. And you are certainly on the right website if you’re interested in exactly who they are; how they do it, and when. After all, who else is going to tell you these things?

But this one, we suspect, may have had some measure of poetic justice. David Harris was repeatedly flaunting an affair at the same hotel where his wedding reception was held 10 years before. In Clara’s mind, we’re guessing that was the final straw.

And that is where he fittingly met his end.



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