Nebraska DA: ‘ This Doctor Murdered Four Innocent People’

Dr Anthony Garcia

Dr Anthony Garcia

In the city of Omaha a former physician believed to have murdered two medical school colleagues, as well as a child and a housekeeper, is about to face a jury on September 14. And now in a last-minute effort to avoid trial in Douglas County District Court, lawyers for Anthony Garcia have notified the district attorney that the doctor had alibis for the times the victims were killed.

According to Nebraska law, the defense must file any writ of alibi no closer than one month before trial. But the Douglas County DA’s office reports the document was actually filed last Monday, 28 days before the trial date. This will necessitate a court ruling on whether the prosecution has been given sufficient notice.

There is no indication of whom or what alibis Garcia is referring to.

Garcia, now 42 and originally of Terre Haute, Indiana, pleaded not guilty in March 2008 to first-degree murder in the deaths of Doctor William Hunter’s 11-year-old son and the family housekeeper. Investigators also believe they can prove that Garcia murdered Doctor Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary, in May 2013.

Investigators report they can prove that Garcia was driven to the killings by revenge because he had been fired by Creighton University Medical School authorities in 2001. At that time, Doctors William Hunter and Roger Brumback played key roles in Garcia’s termination from the pathology department, and their notifications to state medical boards prevented Garcia from completing his training and becoming licensed.


Police believe the doctor murdered these four people during a 5-year killing spree

Garcia had held a license in Illinois for a short time, where he was arrested in 2013.

The district attorney is also charging Garcia with burglary. They report they hold evidence which links him to a break-in at the home of another Creighton University Medical School doctor.

Here’s one article on the case:


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