Tennessee Cancer Specialist Loses Medical License; Feds Close Clinic

“Nobody knows what these  patients received. We don’t know, the doctors don’t know and the patients don’t know.” (Neil Smith, Assistant U.S. Attorney)

Dr William Kincaid

Dr William Kincaid

In Johnson City a physician already found guilty of prescribing illegal cancer medications has had his medical license revoked by the State of Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners.

Doctor William Ralph Kincaid, a board certified oncologist, was expecting to return to patient care after finishing his federal prison sentence. He had changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” during his court case in December, 2012. But a judge sent Kincaid to federal prison for 24 months. In 2013 the doctor was ordered to pay the State of Tennessee and the U.S. government  $2,500,000 in funds recovery and penalties.

The case began in September 2007, when the McLeod Cancer and Blood Center in Johnson City started buying illegal chemotherapy pharmaceuticals from a drug company in Canada – none of which were approved by the FDA. The drugs were manufactured in Europe. Investigators learned that when the clinic’s staff voiced concerns over administering illegal cancer meds to their patients, Kincaid arranged to have the illicit drugs shipped instead to a storage facility, where the packaging could be removed prior to arriving at the clinic.

As the case developed, the prosecution was able to prove that Kincaid’s clinic had purchased an appalling volume of unapproved drugs. He then would bill TennCare and Medicaid for the treatments.

Kincaid, age 68, offered no explanation for his behavior. He is currently serving a 12-month term of probationary release.

The Board of Examiners held a formal meeting on July 22. During that hearing, investigators revealed that over a five-year period ending in February, 2012, the doctor had purchased more than $2,000,000 in unapproved drugs, which were administered to patients and billed to insurance payers. These actions, they argued, put many unknowing patients at risk of injury or death. The Board agreed with prosecutors that the doctor was in violation of numerous state laws, including unethical conduct; deceit and fraud. Kincaid was found guilty of violating the Tennessee Medical Practice Act. In the end, they wrote this:

“The revocation of this doctor’s license was necessary and appropriate to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Tennessee.”

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One thought on “Tennessee Cancer Specialist Loses Medical License; Feds Close Clinic

  1. Tom Calarco says:

    Patrick: You don’t mention what the purported drugs were. Were they pharmaceuticals or herbal? Having read widely on the cancer industry and being aware of the fact that most of the FDA approved chemotherapy drugs often do more harm than good, I’m wondering what this doctor prescribed. I know of doctors in the U.S. who are secretly prescribing methods not approved by the FDA exactly for this reason. In fact, based on what I’ve read and discussion with those who use naturopathic methods, they are more likely to cure the cancers than the conventional treatments. But because of the stranglehold that Big Pharma has on the FDA, they risk losing their license by giving these more effective treatments which the FDA does not approve. You might want to take a look at the film, Cancer: the Forbidden Cures, or acquaint yourself with the history of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

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