How Can a Doctor Make Big Cash? Easy. Just Treat ‘Ghost Patients’

“Duh, coulda sworn the patient was real . . .”

In the state of New Jersey yet another physician has been convicted of massive Healthcare Fraud after billing insurance companies – including Medicare and Medicaid –  hundreds of thousands of dollars for patient care that never happened.

Why work if you don’t have to? Who’s gonna know?

According to the U.S. Attorney prosecutors, Doctor Albert Z Ades, age 60, deliberately submitted bills to insurance payers for fake patient office visits over a nearly 10-year span that ended in June, 2014. Ades confessed that he had written thousands of bogus prescriptions and created pretend medical records without seeing patients, in order to make it look as though people were really being . . . you know . . . treated.


When one insurance plan initiated an audit after a patient reported Ades for billing prescription refills as office visits, Ades shredded original medical records and created bogus medical records to obstruct the audit.” (U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman)

No profession generates more outright theft

No profession generates more outright theft


Ades MD, who operated clinics in the cities of Little Falls and Cresskill, admitted in court to defrauding insurance payers nearly $300,000 in the previous five years alone.

Even after the doctor confessed to being a world-class idiot, defense attorney Alexander Spiro had the unmitigated nerve to say this:

“Doctor Ades made billing mistakes for which he has taken full responsibility.”

Billing mistakes. Right. Maybe he didn’t realize the patients weren’t really in the room?

Ades could receive a 10-year federal prison term as the result of his nifty scheme when he faces U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in Newark, at his sentencing date this Fall.

But if lab coat lunatic Ades gets more than two years, we promise to show you our shocked face.

Here’s another look:

*          *          *


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