What’s the Punishment for a Surgeon’s Illegal Drug-induced Orgies? Why, ‘Probation’ of Course

“I have zero sympathy for the battle that Dr. Martin has been through as related to being charged with these crimes. He should have conducted himself as a doctor who has taken oath to do no harm. I find the circumstances here beyond troubling.” (U.S. District Judge Kathleen Delaney)

Dr Andrew S Martin

Dr Andrew S Martin


In the city of Las Vegas Doctor Andrew Scott Martin has received a “no jail, 5-year probation” sentence in a case that – in the words of U.S. District Judge Kathleen Delaney – “is appalling for the court to hear.”

Scott, age 48, is an orthopedic surgeon who confessed last March to three felony charges of Possession of Controlled Substances. He was arrested on 10 drug charges, including three counts of Controlled Substance Trafficking. In a surprise move, the prosecution agreed to an extremely light sentence in which Martin would serve no time in prison. He was ordered to perform 40 hours of community service.

Those who attended his drug-fueled sex parties over the years referred to him as “Scotty,” and Scotty found himself indicted last February along with his wife, Jennifer Martin. A half-dozen others were also arrested for their roles in the kinky gatherings.

“Eyes Wide Shut”

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Investigators reported that they had learned years ago that the freaky physician was routinely hosting themed sex parties that drew many dozens of costumed adults to imbibe in intercourse and a wide variety of drugs, including cocaine and pills, all provided by the doctor. In 2013, law enforcement sent a male and female undercover couple to infiltrate the parties. The theme of one party was “Eyes Wide Shut,” after the edgy Tom Cruise film, where his character is a doctor who engages in a dangerous exploration of a secret sex club. Like the movie, partygoers were expected to wear masks and fashionably nude costumes.

Martin’s wife confessed earlier this summer to one count  of Illegal Drug Possession and paid a small fine.

This doctor’s medical license was suspended for 60 days but he’s back undressing people for money once again, so no worries.

That is, unless he’s undressing someone you happen to care about.

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