Doctor admits to sexually assaulting patients and taking explicit photos of them


Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams

Dr Jeffrey Joel Abrams

In the city of El Cajon yet another physician has confessed in court to sexually assaulting female patients, as well as taking nude photographs of them as he would treat them at his low-income, San Diego-area clinic called Volunteers in Medicine.

Doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams, age 68, pleaded guilty on July 31 to eight charges of sexual penetration of an unconscious person; three charges of sexual battery and another charge of child pornography possession. According to court records, the child in question is an unnamed 8-year-old girl.

The charges were based on incidents involving eight victims over a four-year period that began in June, 2010 and ended in June 2014, according to San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Kerry Conway.

Investigators learned that Abrams was performing “unnecessary and inappropriate” vaginal examinations. His victims later stated in sworn testimony that he said  the photographs were for teaching purposes only.

One patient became suspicious and called El Cajon police, telling them the doctor touched her private area and took photos of her during a medical exam in January 2014. After his arrest, detectives discovered that Abrams had used his cell phone to take literally thousands of pictures of female patients while they lay in exam rooms undressed.

Abrams, who was arrested last November, could get a 25-year state prison sentence, when he returns to superior court on September 18.







2 thoughts on “Doctor admits to sexually assaulting patients and taking explicit photos of them

  1. S.A. native says:

    Thousands of pictures — that puts him right up there with Doctors Levy and LaFuria, and no telling how many others. Over and over we’re told intimate examinations of women are not sexual, but there are literally thousands and thousands of doctors who’ve demonstrated that it way too often IS very sexual.

    Women are taught to be alert and aware when they are in parking garages and the like, but where they really place themselves at risk is in their doctors’ offices.

    And by the way, a disturbing number of physician photo hobbyists like their models distressingly young. Here’s a recent example:

    I suspect that this is another of those perversions/crimes that occur at a higher rate among male doctors than the general male population.

    Thanks, Pat, for continuing to expose disgusting doctor behavior.

  2. S.A. native says:

    Dr. Abrams learned his sentence Friday. Hint: it ain’t 25 years!

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