Indiana Medical Board Says Physician ‘Guilty of Medical Misconduct’

Dr Michael L Baker

Dr Michael L Baker

In the state of Indiana the Medical Licensing Board has convicted a doctor on 11 charges of Medical Misconduct. The case originated when the Indiana State Attorney General’s Office filed a 15-count “consumer complaint” against Doctor Michael L. Baker last December 14. The writ stated the physician was responsible for numerous offenses involving Patient Privacy (HIPPA) violations; improper sexual conduct with a patient; failure to document narcotic prescriptions and failure to document patient treatment.

The Attorney General’s investigation revealed that Baker, age 47, initiated “private counseling of a female patient in her home. And while doing so, deliberately failed to document the visits and did not bill her for services.” Investigators filed reports that the physician also prescribed the unnamed woman multiple doses of medications with no mandatory documentation. According to the report, the doctor took part in a sexual relationship with the woman for least a six-month period that started in November 2013.
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Investigators found strong evidence that Baker had also medically treated a male family member of the woman in their home with no documentation of the treatments.

Michael Baker is listed as an obstetrics/gynecology specialist on the Heartland OB/GYN Clinic website, located in the city of Washington. Until the case was opened, the doctor had staff privileges at Daviess Community Hospital in Washington. The hospital reports he may no longer practice there.

Because of the findings by law enforcement, the state board ordered the doctor’s medical license suspended for a minimum of 90 days. Reinstatement of the license depends upon several conditions, such as completion of 40 hours of continuing medical education covering prescribing narcotics and ethics. He was also ordered to submit to a psychiatric evaluation and pay a $5,000 fine.

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Our Observations:

We are always pleased to see that in some cases, the discipline protocols work as they should. But the unknowing public remains poorly informed by the reporting system designed to keep us safe. An excellent example is this page by HealthGrades, which is one of the finest physician data sites in the world.

Here’s what HealthGrades has to show for this doctor, who was not legally allowed to touch patients for a specified time-frame:

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