Imprisoned ‘Doctor-Murderer’ Continues to Accumulate Lawsuits

Dr William Martin Valuck

Dr William Martin Valuck

In Oklahoma City yet another civil lawsuit has been filed against Doctor William Martin Valuck, who is one year into his eight-year prison sentence. The 74-year-old osteopathic specialist is now being sued by the families of six patients who died of drug overdoses linked to narcotic prescriptions.

The most recent suit was filed in May against Valuck in Oklahoma County District Court by the mother of victim Carrie Marie Simmons, Helen Broadbooks.

Broadbooks told reporters that her daughter, who was 27 at the time of her death, had been complaining of a toothache on May 13, 2013, the day she died. She blames Valuck for her daughter’s death.

“He gave her prescriptions for one bottle of pain pills, then another and then another,” Broadbooks said. “The coroner report says she died of ‘mixed drug toxicity.’”

“These doctors get people hooked on narcotics and then they’ve got somebody that comes back over and over to pay them money.”

A steady stream of civil suits started not long after Valuck’s well-publicized arrest in December, 2013. The clinics where he worked – two which were Vista Medical Center and Advanced Care Clinic – are also named in the suits. Vista Medical Center, where numerous victims received their drug prescriptions before they died, is being sued by five of the families.

Physician Assistant Michael Hume. who worked with Valuck for nearly three years, also faces five lawsuits as a result of the fatal overdoses. Hume had his medical license revoked by the state of Oklahoma just before his boss was charged with eight counts of murder. Hume was not arrested and has not been charged with any crime.

Nearly all of the suits – which are pending in Oklahoma County District Court – cite Wrongful Death and Medical Negligence. In each suit, Valuck is accused of  writing preposterously high numbers of prescribed doses for addictive drugs.

It was almost exactly one year ago, in August 2014, that Valuck changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty,” of eight second-degree murder charges. Shockingly, he was sentenced to one year in prison for each of the eight homicides. He is serving his term at the Oklahoma State Reformatory.

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