Daffy Doc Acts Like a Teenager: Texting Out Photo of His Nude Patient

Dr John Kinahan giving a lecture on . . . well, probably not medical ethics

Dr John Kinahan giving a lecture on . . . well, probably not medical ethics

We’ve often suspected that this asinine “selfie” fixation is just about an inch and a half from a full-blown, societal, psychiatric meltdown. So you’ll see no shocked faces around here when we learned that a Canadian physician has been slapped on his imbecilic heinie for sending out a photo of a patient with a tube up his pee-pee, just for fun.

Because boys will be boys – even in lab coats.

Yes, it appears that in the marvelous Northwest city of Victoria, a urologist named John Kinahan has confessed to snapping a quick picture of a nude obese patient lying on a gurney and then sending it out to a friend as a joke. The incident happened in the intensive care unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital, in 2013.

In this degreed twit’s mind, perhaps the only thing more fun than constant camera-crowing of himself, would be to embarrass a patient when one is most vulnerable.

Who else is telling you these things?

Who else is telling you these things?

The friend who received the picture was about as bright as this idiot doctor, because she then forwarded it to still more people, all in the name of brainless entertainment. At least one of this group of minions recognized what was going on as supremely unethical. So she reported the incident, and Kinahan was suspended.

In the end, a spokeswoman for the British Columbia medical licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Doctor Heidi Oetter, said this:

“With the finding of unprofessional conduct, this physician is subject to a suspension.”

Kinahan was also ordered to pay a $20,000 fine and take a class on medical ethics.

The moral of the story is simple, folks: If you honestly think the typical doctor is more highly evolved than an 8th grader on chocolate . . . .

You just haven’t met enough doctors.

After all that training . . .

After all that training . . .

Have a terrific weekend. And if you get really bored, download a copy of “America’s Dumbest Doctors.” Ever wonder about yours? The second volume should be out by Christmas.

(We thank contributor S.A. Native for bring this case to our attention)

*          *          *

Our Observations:

A proposal for our readers: Medical Miscreants, Inc. will pay a crisp $100 bill for a legitimate picture of Doctor John Kinahan naked.

No photo-shopped creations. Our editors will know. The photo has to be the real deal.

Or maybe you think such a picture might embarrass the doctor?

Now that would be a low-down, dirty shame.

*          *          *


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